Tuesday March 26, 2019
Fresh Florida stone crabs are in today, including jumbo claws!
Mediums, large and jumbo available as single plate dinners of
course, but we also have mediums all you can eat.
Call 954-566-5333 for prices and for information of how
call-ahead seating will reduce waiting line time.


Saturday March 23, 2019
We have a good supply of medium, large and jumbo stone crab
claws. We do have enough mediums today to offer all you can eat
mediums, and of course one and two pound single portion dinners
are available for all three sizes.
Call ahead seating is still a great idea. That’s where you call us at
954-566-5333 about an hour before your actual arrival and when
you actually arrive your name will be at the top or very near the
top of the wait list so that your waiting time is minimal or even zero.