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Thursday 3-20-2008
It has been pretty busy lately, so I haven't found the time to stop by here. I want to
thank all our loyal locals who braved the long waiting lines and I want to thank all our
guests visiting the South Florida area for coming in, both the seasonal regulars as well
as the seasonal visitors who found us for the first time.
This Sunday is Easter Sunday, and as you probably already know, we are closed on
Easter. After Easter Sunday, things tend to slow down a bit, so if you have been
waiting patiently for the waiting lines to thin out, the waiting is nearly over.
We are pretty well set on stone crabs this weekend. For the most part, daily
deliveries have been reliable, and I don't see any weather factors to prevent adequate
supply for today, Friday, Saturday and Monday. Remember, the Florida Stone Crab
season lasts until May 15th, and with any luck, as the busy season winds down, we
will find some drop in the prices. When that happens, I'll let you know here.
Again, the warmest and sincerest THANK YOUs to everyone for a fantastic season!
Friday 2-29-2008
We have plenty of medium, large and jumbo stone crabs for tonight and more lined up
for Saturday and Sunday. The weather is beautiful, so enjoy this time of year if you're
in South Florida.
Remember, we have pretty long waits for tables this time of year, so since you've
taken the time to read this, I'll tell you how to avoid a long wait since we don't take
reservations. Call us (954-566-5333) about 30 to 40 minutes before you expect to
arrive and the front desk will put your name and number of people in your party on
the waiting list. (Note: calling more in advance than 30-40 minutes actually is not a
good idea because your name may not be carried forward as the pages of the waiting
list turn). This way your name will float to near the top of the list by the time you
arrive, thus minimizing the waiting time for a table.
Wednesday 2-13-2008
It's been a bit busy lately, so I've been remiss keeping up here. Tomorrow is
Valentine's Day and the big question is... will we have stone crabs? Well, we are
expecting plenty of mediums, large and jumbos, so if you want to treat your Valentine
to a stone crab dinner this is the place to be.
Happy Valentine's Day!
Monday 1-28-2008
We have plenty of medium and large stone crabs for today and probably for tomorrow
as well. It looks like the supplier who comes on Wednesday is the only on who has
jumbos for us... at least at this time.
On another note, beginning this Sunday, February 3rd, we will begin being open for
lunch! We have always been open for lunch Monday through Saturday and open at
4:00 PM on Sundays, which was always a bit clumsy to explain. So now, it's a smooth
idea to simply say, "We are open from 11:30AM until 10:00PM DAILY!"
Wednesday 1-23-2008
The last few days of wind have made stone crabs a bit scarce, but today brings in
plenty of mediums, large and jumbos. Things look well for tomorrow as well.
Monday 1-14-2008
Plenty of mediums in for tonight and a fair amount of large, but no jumbos came in
Monday 1-7-2008
We have medium and large stone crabs for tonight. There were no large in today's
delivery... not sure why.
Thursday 1-3-2008
Well, if you're a local, you know it has been pretty frigid and windy. But have no fear.
We are lined up well with stone crabs from way down in the Keys. Our west coast
crabs should be coming in Saturday. Things have calmed down up coast on the west
side so all boats are expected to go crabbing on Friday.
Happy New Year!
Friday 12-28-2007
This is the time of year when supplies of stone crabs can get a bit tight. We will have
a good supply (pretty sure, anyway) on large and jumbos for tonight, but the mediums
will probably sell out before closing time tonight. (Friday, 12/28/07) I have plenty
coming tomorrow, and have some lined up for Sunday as well.
I hope everyone has a safe and Happy New Year! We ARE open New Year's Eve
until 10:00PM (regular hours for regular dining) and we ARE OPEN New Year's Day
for lunch and dinner.
I can't believe it's almost 2008.
Friday 12-21-2007
11:35 AM
We should be well stocked with fresh Florida Stone Crabs through the weekend. We
will be closing a bit early on Christmas Eve (Monday, Dec. 24th) and we are closed on
Christmas Day. Everyone at Catfish Deweys wishes all a Merry Christmas and a
happy Holiday season.
Tuesday 12-11-2007
1:05 PM
It occurs to me there may be some people looking for a place to have their Christmas
Party. We still have a few open dates for our side dining room which seats up to forty.
Give us a call at the restaurant to see if the date you'd like is still open.
Monday 12-10-2007
12:20 PM
Just received fresh delivery on medium, large and jumbos for the start of the week.
Hope everybody is making good progress on holiday gift quests, but remember, you
can call the restaurant to purchase gift certificates. We can mail them directly to you,
or we can personalize them for you and send them to the recipient on your behalf.
Thursday 12-6-2007
11:30 AM
Still plenty of stone crabs out there. We should be set up real well with deliveries all
through the weekend from today.
I wish it would get a bit cooler here. The upper sixties at night are okay, but I crave a
good chill now and then. I think most natives in South Florida do as well.
Maybe it's global warming. Some say humans are causing the Earth to get warmer.
My major years ago at FAU was geology, and there's no doubt that 18,000 years ago
the glacial advance across North America began to end. The planet entered a
warming period that continues to this very day, but some insist humans are adding to
the effect.
It reminds me of the story of the guys in a rowboat. They were taking turns paddling
upstream on the Amazon not far from the coast. Pretty tough going, and the one guy
says he's had it, and asks the other guy to take a turn. Just as the other guy starts
rowing, the high tide pulse from the ocean sweeps them up like a surfboard, and
suddenly it seems like the second guy is paddling upstream at twenty miles per hour.
He shouts, "Boy am I a good paddler! Look at us go!" The first guy says it's just the
incoming tide to which the second guy says, "The hell it is! It's the power of my

It's easy to be the second paddler.
Wednesday 11-28-2007
9:40 AM
Supply has been pretty good except for the last couple of days with mediums. The full
moon combined with clear nights and calm water seems to keep the crabs from
wandering around. They instinctively fear the predatory octopus which relies on vision
to find and the dine on the succulent stone crab claw. Calm water, clear nights and a
full moon make it easy for the octopus to find a stone crab dinner and hard for us.
Thus, the crabs stay in their holes and don't wind up in the traps.
However, all that changes today. I expect plenty of medium, large and jumbo claws to
unload any minute now. In fact the weather's so nice, I believe I'll take a walk around
the block while waiting for the delivery. And how about that global warming? If sea
levels would just rise, we'd be sitting pretty on beach front property and instead of
around the block, it would be down the beach. ;-)
Wednesday 11-21-2007
We wish everyone a very Happy Thanksgiving Day! It's hard to believe another year
is nearing its close. Christmas is right around the corner. Unbelievable how fast time
seems to have gone. By the way, we aren't open on Thursday, Thanksgiving Day, but
will be ready Friday at 11:30 AM.
I have fresh medium and large stone crab claws coming in for tonight, but no jumbos.
There should be enough jumbos  for one and two pound dinners with the mediums and
large on Friday, but the big delivery of jumbos will be Saturday. Until then, we have
plenty of mediums and large.
Sunday 11-15-2007
When we open in a couple of hours at 4:00PM (Sundays are the only days we aren't
open for lunch) we will be well set on medium and large stone crabs. As far a jumbos,
not as many coming in as I asked for, but enough that if you come earlier rather than
later you'll probably be alright.
Wednesday 11-14-2007
For Thursday, November 15th, we should be good on all sizes of stone crabs. There is
some question on how many, if any, jumbo claws come in, but mediums and large
seem pretty secure.
I was playing around with the puzzle page and added a new virtual jigsaw puzzle. So if
puzzles are your thing, check it out
Monday 11-12-2007
10:50 AM
Everyone at Catfish Deweys wishes everyone a beautiful Veteran's Day. I think the
article posted
here says it all.
We are set pretty well today on all you can eat medium and large stone crabs.
They're lined up as well for tomorrow. Jumbos, however, are a bit tighter and can be
offered only as single portion dinners.
Monday 11-5-2007
12 noon
Large and jumbo stone crabs readily available today and tomorrow, but not mediums.
Mediums should be available Wednesday.
Friday 11-2-2007
11:50 AM
Looks like we are good on stone crabs all weekend long. Plenty of mediums, large
and jumbos, all you can eat as well as single portion dinners of one pound or two
Wednesday 10-31-2007
Happy Halloween! Tropical Storm Noel is passing by today, and if you live down here
you know it has been pretty windy these last few days. If you know about stone crabs,
then you also know windy conditions make for rough seas and most boats don't go
out. This means stone crabs are hard to get. But GOOD NEWS! I have a load of west
coast claws coming today. We should have plenty of mediums, large and jumbo. In
fact, if you order the all you can eat jumbo, this batch has colossal claws mixed in.
What comes tomorrow, Friday, Saturday and Sunday will have to wait until those days.
Monday 10-22-2007
1:00 PM
There are no mediums for tonight, and the large and jumbos can only be offered as
one and two pound dinners. Tomorrow there will be enough large and jumbos for all
you can eat, but once again there will be no mediums. We discussed possible theories
on this last year at this time when there were not a lot of mediums being brought in.
Wednesday should bring mediums as well as more large and jumbos.
Thursday 10-18-2007
11:35 AM
Okay, got more stone crabs in for tonight. Mediums and large will be all you can eat,
but the jumbos will be one and two pound dinners.
I know we had a bit of a glitch with these first deliveries, but more are in the pipeline
for tomorrow, Friday, as well as Saturday and Sunday deliveries.
By the way, our phone line is being worked on by the phone company. Calls are being
forwarded to our credit card phone line, so if you get a busy signal, wait a couple
minutes then try again. AT&T Bellsouth says a main cable is being worked on, but
would not offer a time the repairs are complete.
Wednesday October 17, 2007
Sold out of large claws tonight. Have more on order, but we won't know until
Thursday morning how much come in, if any. Should be good for all you can eat on
mediums, but the jumbos are going to be one and two pound dinners.
Wednesday October 17, 2007
Okay, I know we sold out last night well before closing, but for tonight there should be
plenty of fresh Florida stone crabs. Mediums, large and jumbos. All you can eat is
offered for all, as well as single portion dinners.
Tuesday October 16, 2007
Okay. It's still before 11:00AM and the guy just called back and said he has NO
MEDIUMS on board. It's as if he has a rolling auction on his way up from the Keys.
This really sucks, and I'm sorry, but rest assured, my big supplier will be in first thing
tomorrow morning.
Tuesday October 16, 2007
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Just got confirmation from the stone carb truck on the road. We will be getting them
today, but we are only getting about a hundred pounds. That means we will sell out
before today is finished. Sorry about that, but the good news is there are PLENTY of
stone crabs coming tomorrow, Wednesday.
Friday October 12, 2007
Posted by Dewey Jr.

We are probably going to have stone crabs on Tuesday, but there is a possibility we
won't have them until Wednesday. I wish all this was less vague, but call Tuesday
afternoon. By then we will know. As far as pricing, we won't know until then either.
On the bright side, all the signs are there for a good season of stone crabs. The staff
is very excited and our regular customers are too. Now... if we can finish these last
few weeks of hurricane season unscathed it will have been a very good year with all
indications of a good one to come.
Friday October 5th, 2007
Posted by Dewey Jr.

Stone crab season is right around the corner. Monday, October 15th is the beginning
of the season and the first day traps are pulled. That means we will have our first
delivery on either Tuesday the 16th or Wednesday the 17th. We are still waiting to
hear from a supplier willing to run straight from the docks.
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