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Monday September 17, 2007
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Just a quick note to make sure everyone knows that Catfish Deweys is serving farm
raised catfish grown in the USA. Specifically, the catfish are grown in Mississippi, and
our fish are delivered six days a week. I note this because there has been a fair
amount of news recently about catfish grown in China that has been found to contain
certain toxins. There might be others using those fish and that might mean they are
less expensive on the menu, but we have decided to keep using the USA farm raised
Monday, September 3rd, 2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:35 AM
Happy Labor Day! We had a great
Hoedown yesterday. It was very busy, but that
aside, all the month of September is pretty slow. It's that way all over South Florida,
so if it's waiting lines you want to avoid, September is the time to come. However, you
might miss seeing your favorite server... September is also the month when they take
turns with vacation time.
Like here.
Friday 8-17-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:06 AM
The dog days of summer, and so much has happened while I was not keeping up with
this blog. The biggest news is,
Lauren had her baby girl! We all welcome Baby Jordyn
to the world. Lauren was off for a time, but is working a limited schedule as she
regains her strength.  We all wish Lauren, Jack and Jordyn great happiness.
Kristen is approaching her due date. (It must be something in the water.
Also, we bid farewell to
Elena. Elena is off to the University of Florida. It's always
kind of bittersweet watching young people grow up. We've seen kids off to war, off to
jail, off to marriage (and sometimes divorce), off to the Sheriff's department and off to
college. Catfish Deweys is always enriched from their company here, and we always
wish them well.
By my calculation, it's about eight weeks to Stone Crab Season! We all look forwards
to Stone Crab Crazy, and hope for another great harvest like last season.
Wednesday 7-4-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Happy Independence Day, America! Everyone at Catfish Deweys wishes all a safe
and happy holiday, today, the birth of our great nation.
Wednesday 6-13-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:38PM
As far as Florida Stone Crab Claws for Dad (This coming Sunday is Father's Day) we
will have a very limited amount of large and jumbos, so if you're bring Dad for stone
crabs, bring him earlier rather than later. We will be opening at our regular
Sunday-open time of 4:00PM. (We will have
plenty of Alaskan King Crab Legs, all
you can eat for $30.95.)
Sunday 5-27-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:05 AM
Well, stone crab season is over, and I'd like to take a second to thank everyone that
came in to enjoy Catfish Dewey's stone crab claws. I just looked at the spreadsheet,
and we served over seventeen thousand pounds of fresh Florida stone crab claws this
season. Now I know, compared to a place like Joe's Stone Crabs on South Beach,
that's not very much, but for a humble Catfish place like ours, to look at that number
is humbling. Thank you all.
If you're not among those folks that got a chance to forge on our stone crabs this
season, there's going to be one more chance, albeit with frozen claws. I found a supply
of quality frozen (done in the manner on occasion of the "other" place mentioned
above) stone crab claws that I'll bring in for the Father's Day weekend. So if Dad
missed out on stone crabs, this coming Father's Day, June 17th, we should have a
Speaking of crabs... You might have noticed we've been doing King Crab Legs
instead of the Snow Crab Clusters we had been doing for years. There was a shortage
of snow crabs. There were none. Zip, zero, nada. But the season has reopened and
this coming Thursday, May 31st, we will begin once again our all you can eat special
on SNOW CRAB LEGS. They will be limited for a time to Thusdays because the
popularity of the King Crab has been great, so we're going to keep them as the all
you can eat special on Sundays. Check our
menu page for pricing.
Wednesday 5-16-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:12 AM
Today we receive the last stone crabs of the season. The last day to pull them from
the water was yesterday, so I brought in as many mediums, large and jumbos as I
could. We should be set up pretty well through the weekend.
Thursday 5-10-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:22 AM
As the end of stone crab season approaches, there will be some days when stone
crabs can't be found. We could find mediums and jumbos for tonight, but no large. The
cause is mainly due to fewer fisherman working the end of the season, so supply gets
a little spotty. We do have commitments for a good supply through Mother's Day, and
with a bit of luck should get one last big shipment on Wednesday, May 16th which
should keep us supplied through the weekend, May 18th & 19th.
By the way, we are opening early on Mother's Day. Usually we open at 4:00 PM on
Sundays (Sunday being the only day we don't open for lunch) but for Mother, we will
start early.
Last year we advertised this in the Sun Sentinel and had a waiting line wrapping
around the building resulting in total chaos when we opened the door at 2:00PM, so
this year I decided to only advertise the early open time on the website so things
might be a bit more manageable.
Sunday 4-29-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:05 AM
We are well supplied today with all stone crabs. Only 16 days left of stone crab
You might have noticed I've gotten a bit lax in staying posted up here. Well, I do have
a life too. For what I'm thinking about outside the restaurant,
go here.
Saturday 4-21-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:43 PM
If you've been wondering at the inconsistent supply lately on stone crabs, so have I.
All I can say is it's a combination of the weather and fishing boats calling it in early.
But today we received all that we ordered. We will be good for all you can eat dinners
on mediums, large and jumbos.
Thursday April 12, 2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 2:00 PM
Stone crab season ends next month on the 15th. A lot of fishermen will soon begin
closing their operations early. The reason is, the busy season is about over in South
Florida, and demand is dropping. So it's a race to the bottom, which drops quicker,
supply, or demand. Right now, prices are stable, and the price spike from last week
on mediums has vanished. So now is a good time if you've been looking to avoid those
waiting lines of an hour for a table... short waits, or no waits, low stone crab prices and
a staff of veterans from the last few months of record business able to give service
even better than before.
The King Crab special is still popular, and we go through several hundred pounds of
King Crab legs on Thursday and Sunday. All you can eat for the same price as the
medium stone crabs, this is the time to really enjoy a combination of Florida Stone
crabs and Alaskan King Crab Legs, all you can eat on Thursdays and Sundays for
Good Friday 4-6-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:50 AM
High demand for stone crabs for Good Friday is putting a spike in the price of today's
stone crabs, as well as a dip in the supply. We received only a quarter of what we
asked for today, which means we can't offer the "all you can eat" special on stone
crabs. We must restrict the stone crabs to one and two pound dinners and hope we
have enough to last the entire night. Therefore, I would come earlier, rather than later
for fresh Florida stone crabs on Good Friday.
On Saturday we are told we have a full order coming, back down to regular prices, so
some might consider their visit here being pushed to tomorrow, Saturday, April 7th if
the plan is all you can eat stone crabs for dinner.
So... given this situation with stone crabs, combined with the fact we are CLOSED ON
EASTER SUNDAY, we will offer, on request, the Sunday all you can eat KING
CRAB LEGS for $30.95 special.
Everyone at Catfish Deweys wishes everyone a Happy Easter!
Thursday 3-22-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 2:10 PM
The price of medium stone crabs is down a notch. Price for all you can eat medium
stone crabs is now $30.95. Price on large and jumbos still unchanged.
Friday 3-2-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:58 AM
Stone Crab prices have dropped a bit!!! Here they are:
All you can eat      2 pound        one pound
Mediums     $32.95           $24.95           $16.95
Large           $60.95           $42.95          $26.95
JUMBOS     $70.95          $52.95          $36.95
How long this will last, well, we'll have to wait and see.

Thursday 2-21-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:24 AM
It's the darndest thing I've seen yet in this business. No vendors have any Opilio...
snow crab clusters, that is. The Thursday/Sunday all you can eat special is normally
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs for $25.95, but not today. The truckload that supposedly left
Washington State a week ago has still not arrived. Maybe it will arrive tomorrow.
Maybe not. It's like how Florida Stone Crabs sometimes vanish out of the pipeline.
So... we do have King Crab Legs. Large, beautiful and full of meat. All you can eat for
$30.95, or a two pound dinner for $29.95.
I am sorry we don't have the snow crab clusters. We go through about 700 pounds of
them on an all you can eat night.
Oh, and plenty of medium and large Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws. I know... it can
be confusing.
Tuesday 2-20-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:49 PM
The KING crab special went over well. We sold what snow crab legs we had, all you
can eat at 25.95, but for five dollars more we offered these huge King Crab legs, all
you can eat. For a limited time we will continue this special on Thursdays and
Stone crabs... plenty of mediums, but a bit more difficult finding large and jumbos.
Okay on them for tonight, but we will see what tomorrow brings.
Saturday 2-17-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:04 PM
Good amount of stone crabs for tonight and tomorrow night, although mostly
mediums. It got so cold the last two nights, my stone crab supplier said he was not
permitting his smaller boats to go out. But mediums should be okay.
I found a fair amount of Alaskan Snow  Crab Legs for tomorrow, but I also brought in
some very nice King Crab legs. We are going to offer the snow crab at the regular all
you can eat price as advertised, $25.95, but we will also offer the King Crab legs all
you can eat for $29.95. Yes, I know, that's an amazing price. How long I'll be able to
keep that up, we will just have to see.
JUST $29.95!!!
You know what this means.... early to bed tonight for me so I am ready for the crush
Thursday 2-15-2007
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs. Also known as Opilio crab, Opilio clusters, or just darned
good eating. They are an item we advertise as
all you can eat on Sunday's and
. But there is a problem.
There is a supply crisis in the snow crab industry. In fact, today might be the last time
we offer all you can eat snow crab legs until the fishing season opens in April.
We are, of course, exploring all possible sources for a supply, but so far we have no
positive results.
It is possible we will see no positive results for some period of time, so we will be
offering our Monday-Tuesday shrimp special (our most popular all you can eat
special) on Sundays and Thursdays until the supply crisis ends.
On the other hand, Fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws seem to be fairly available. We
have a good supply today.

Friday 2-9-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:33 PM
Got more stone crabs for tonight, and more lined up and in the pipeline coming
I have to admit, it gets a little boring talking about stone crabs each time I log on here
to post. It's springtime here in Fort Lauderdale, the sun is shining, it's not too hot and
Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so I'm going to talk a little about
something else. In a month or two springtime will arrive for the rest of the country,
and that means baseball.

Do you like baseball?

Some do, and some don't. It's a unique game/sport that doesn't appeal to everyone.

What makes it so unique? Aside from the fact the rules are so different from any
other sport, there are two main reasons baseball is so unique.

The length of the season and the win percentage.

No other sport requires 162 games to be played in order to determine a final group of
the best to play a series of playoff games to determine a final champion.

All other sports have much shorter seasons.

In baseball, even the best of the best expect to lose at least 50 or 60 times along the
way. Other sports the season begins with a real possibility of losing a very, very small
percentage of games... maybe even losing none. It has been done, you know. The
1972 Miami Dolphins.

But in baseball, in the long season, there will inevitably be mistakes, blunders, lapses,
failures and losses. But not every mistake means the coaching staff has failed, not
every blunder means the players have failed and not every loss means the season is
lost cause. In fact, the ability to shake off a loss and push on without too much
recriminating is a sign of a team that
can win a hundred games... maybe even the
World Series.

A team like that certainly doesn't have a majority of people saying things like, "They
just lost three in a row! The stupid coach should be fired, he doesn't care a bit about
the team, and the management is only concerned with ticket sales, not victories."
Real patriots... I mean real fans don't get negative like that. They know... the attitude
of the fans can affect the morale of the team.

But the teams that have too much blaming and recrimination harm themselves
psychologically, and soon they begin to believe they are going to lose, and once that
happens the only question is how hard they hit when they hit the cellar.

I love baseball. When they say baseball is a great metaphor for life.... this is what
they mean.

Wednesday 2-7-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:20 AM
Sorry for missing days here keeping our stone crab situation public, but it has been a
bit busy. As you may know, we generally don't take reservations. We do if you have a
large group of people... ten or more, but less than that there's often a waiting line to
get in. However, there is a compromise solution. Call us about a half hour to forty five
minutes before you expect to arive and ask for the front desk. You can put your name
in at that point on the wait list. This way, by the time you actually arrive, your name is
at, or near the top of the list.
Now stone crabs. I know we were unable to put them on the menu yesterday. The
truth is, they vanished off the truck somewhere between the docks and our back door.
I've talked about this phenomenon before, but as for today, and the next few days I'm
assured the problem has been solved. We have plenty of fresh mediums, large and
A side note: What a beautiful day today. I think I'll have to sit out in the sun for a
while before heading in to the restaurant. It's not exactly hot, but it is a far cry from
nine below in Pittsburgh! :)
Monday 1-29-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:24 PM
We are still getting stone crabs despite the cold front that moved through. Jumbos are
a bit short, so we have to limit them to one and two pound dinners tonight, but enough
medium and large to offer them as all you can eat dinners. Tuesday may not yield a
full order, we will just have to wait on that and see, but I am told the order for
Wednesday will most likely be filled.
Friday 1-26-2007
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:24 PM
For today's delivery of fresh Florida stone crab claws we have a fair amount of
mediums, a good amount of large and a fair amount of jumbos. Statistically, we should
have enough to make the end of the night... However, an anomaly in the statistics
could show us running out of mediums and or jumbos, so you may consider not waiting
until 8:00 PM to arrive for dinner tonight.
Plenty of stone crabs lined up for tomorrow.
The lunch menu
is now on this
~~est 1984~~