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Tuesday 11-14-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:30 PM
I have more medium and more large stone crabs coming from the Keys for TODAY. I
also just got off the phone and expect more of those for tomorrow as well as JUMBO
stone crabs tomorrow.
Monday 11-13-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:10 AM
Stone crab season gets to a point where getting what you have ordered becomes a
sketchy proposition. It looks like we may be getting to that point. Of the mediums,
large and jumbos ordered up from the Keys for today, we will not be getting the
jumbos. Since we sold out last night of everything, this means large and mediums only
for Monday. And it gets worse. In addition, all phone calls outbound are returning
nothing for Tuesday. How well today's shipment hold out for two days is questionable,
but since it appears we can find no stone crabs until Wednesday, then Monday, rather
than Tuesday is the day to come.
Saturday 11-11-06
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:45 PM
Well, for Sunday, November 12th, come earlier, rather than later for stone crabs.
Based on what I could bring in for Sunday, we will run out before the night is through.
The very nature of Sunday, and the Holiday Weekend made finding stone crabs
problematic at best.
Monday 11-6-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:40 AM
We had our
country hoedown last night and sold out of stone crabs. I was able to line
up large and jumbos for today, Monday, but mediums are still hard to find. It was so
windy over the weekend, I'm surprised I was able to secure any at all. The weather
today is much calmer, so I'm looking to have mediums for Tuesday... as well as large
and jumbo.
By the way, everyone that had booked tables for
last night's show have already
rebooked for the December show, so it looks like (unless we get some cancellations)
December is already booked closed. Of course, we keep one third of the room
unreserved for walk-in first come, first served, but as far as reservations, I'm sorry to
say we are unable to take any more at this time.
Friday 11-3-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:30 AM
Looks like we will be good across the board through the weekend. Mediums could run
short late Saturday or sometime Sunday because the total catch has been so plentiful.
The speculation is the crabbers choose to burn fuel in their boats loaded with the
larger claws, which bring more money, than with medium claws. If this is true, the long
term prospects for the stone crab population are excellent.
It's possible there may be a short period of supply shortages because the weather has
been rainy and a little windy. Crabbers that have been profitable so far are less
inclined to take boats out in nasty weather if there's no financial pressure to do so.
We will see what tomorrows deliveries bring.
Monday 10-30-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:30 AM
Sold out of all stone crabs last night, but we have more coming today. We should be
able to do all you can eat on the mediums, however, on the large and jumbo the
amount of stone crabs we expect will limit us to one and two pound dinners for
I'm working on Tuesday orders right now, and later tonight will let you know what to
expect for Tuesday.
Sunday 10-29-06
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:20 AM
We had stone crab crazy last night. Sold out of mediums, but we have large and
jumbos for tonight.
Friday 10-27-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:30 AM
So far this season stone crabs are going gangbusters. We've already gone through
more than a thousand pounds this week and there's more arriving today. I'm heading
in right now (since I'm off on Thursday nights) to make an evaluation on how many to
bring in tomorrow, Saturday. This estimate is a tough one since nobody delivers on
Sunday and if my estimate is wrong, we could see some shortfals on some sizes late
What this means is, if you're coming for fresh Florida stone crabs claws on Sunday,
it's best to plan for earlier, rather than later in the night. I'll claify the situation
Sunday morning right here as the situation develops.
Tuesday 10-24-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:20 PM
We should be good across the board on stone crabs today, and there's another
shipment scheduled for tomorrow.
Monday 10-23-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:10 PM
We will be good on large stone crab claws today. We have plenty coming in. It's the
mediums and the jumbos that didn't all come in. We're shorter than I would like to be
on mediums and jumbos, so we are offering them as one and two pound dinners only
for tonight, Monday. However... we're not
that short. If you ask for me tonight and
tell me you read today's blog entry, I'll do the all you can eat, provided we are still
good at that point in time, tonight. See? It pays to read this blog!
Sunday 10-22-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:15 PM
Looking at stone crab inventory this morning and I'm a little bit surprised. I thought
we had ordered far too many large, but I'm down to just one 50 lb crate for today. We
sold out of jumbo stone crabs last night, but I still have a comfortable supply of
mediums that arrived yesterday. So, to summarize, for today we are good on medium
stone crabs, and we're sort of okay on large... but if you are coming for large, come
earlier rather than later. And jumbos will be in, hopefully tomorrow... just got off the
phone with the stone crab man and his feeling is the boats coming in today should
have good catches.
Thursday 10-19-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:30 PM
Just finished lining up deliveries of fresh stone crabs tomorrow and Saturday.
Mediums seem to be in short supply, which is interesting. The fishermen may be
throwing back the smaller crabs to load up more with the more expensive large crabs.
This kind of sucks, but it's also a good indicator of a record catch year. We should be
good on large and jumbo claws. Should anything change, I'll update as needed.
Wednesday 10-18-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:30 PM
More stone crabs arriving today, and more lined up for tomorrow. Supply right now is
good on mediums, large and jumbos.
Tuesday 10-17-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:30 PM
As of this moment we are still waiting for the first stone crabs to be delivered. Price
opened high (as expected) and we will see if rumors of a huge catch yesterday come
true because this would mean a supply greater than demand resulting in a slide in
price. Of course, right now there's no way to know that, and my concern primarily is
having this first order of stone crabs delivered.
I'm heading in to the restaurant, now, so I can taste for quality, the first stone crabs.
Oh, the trials and tribulations of the seafood industry... but somebody has to do this
Monday 10-16-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 8:45 AM
Stone Crab Season has begun, however... we are not going to have any today.
Tomorrow I have ordered mediums, large and jumbos. But this is a blind order. All
stone crab orders are done blind. I don't know the price, and I don't know what really
going to come, but since this is the beginning of the season, I expect my orders to be
filled completely. I'll know the prices starting with the first deliveries. We have more
than one supplier for tomorrow and more ready to deliver Wednesday on.
Heading in now to open... Tony called me earlier, so I'm working lunch for him today.
On the other hand... hurricane season is almost over!!!
Monday 10-2-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:45PM
Two weeks until stone crab season opens. Since opening day falls on a Sunday, there
may be a small delay until they arrive at the restaurant. Possibly Monday, but more
likely Tuesday since there's already rumors the crabbers may not pull traps until
Monday. One guy told me about another restaurant a few years back that took a
helicopter down to pick up a load of stone crabs and bring back for opening night.
Seeing as how our helicopter at Catfish Deweys remains hidden in the nebulous
future, should any good Samaritan feel like loaning a chopper to us for a stone crab
run on Sunday, October 15th, we feel it would only be fair to make dinner that night
complimentary. :)
Monday 9-4-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:35PM
Happy Labor day everyone!
What a great show last night. But unfortunately, if you're thinking of reserving a
dinner table for the next Hoedown on Sunday, October 1st, we're already booked.
Now that's not to say some of these folks won't cancel their reservation sometime
between now and then, but as we stand now, we're fully booked for the October show.
We always keep one third of our seating for walk in guests for dinner, but never
reserve those tables.
Sunday September 3, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:35 PM
Heading in now for tonight's Country Hoedown.  Will post more in a day or two.
Thursday August 31, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:45PM
Thankfully, Ernesto turned out to be a non-event here. Shoot, we've had more wind
and rain from a summer thunderstorm brewed in an afternoon over the Everglades.
But we know what a bad one can do, and nobody here in South Florida is letting down
their guard.

Tuesday August 29, 2006 Posted by Dewey Jr. 4:45 PM
We have decided to not open tonight.
Tuesday August 29, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr 12:45 PM
Well, Ernesto's still coming, and he's not going to slide east. He probably won't be
very strong, but will have a lot of rain, probably like Hurricane Irene in 1999. Either
way, we will try to stay open tonight until conditions begin to deteriorate.
Staff scheduled for tonight may come in, but on a voluntary basis. If we wind up
staying past a safe point of departure, we'll ride the storm out here.
Most vendors are not delivering Wednesday, so although we may be open tomorrow,
we may not be fully stocked... a lot depends on how much is sold tonight.
Good luck to everyone in the target cone, and stay safe!
Monday August 28, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 5:45PM
Keep sliding right over eastward, Ernesto. We will be open tomorrow!

Monday August 28, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:30 AM
Well, here we go again. Ernesto is heading this way. Late Tuesday night we should be
feeling the hurricane, but if the high pressure ridge over Jacksonville weakens
further, the storm track will push further east. Far enough east would be good
because we would catch the west side of the system. I already had somebody send an
e-mail asking if we were having a goodbye party for our new sign and new awning.
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