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Sunday August 20th, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr.
We had a group in Friday night that was celebrating a new citizen. We presented the
new American with a certificate honoring his first meal at Catfish Deweys as a new
U.S. Citizen and then his wife dragged him up on stage to lead the entire dining room
in the Pledge of Allegiance. A pretty special moment and a Catfish Deweys first.
Sunday August 6th, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:20 PM
Heading in now for tonights country hoedown. Weather forecasts were for a rainy day
today, but I'm happy to report breezy and partly cloudy.
I'll try and get some fresh photos from the show.
As of this note, there are 71 days until Stone Crab Season!
Thursday July 27, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:05 PM
Hooray! The canvas went on the awning frame this morning. And after only nine
months! As soon as I figure out if it's a boy or a girl, I'm going to name it. I'm leaning
toward Wilma if it turns out the new awning is a girl.
Sunday July 23, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:45PM
Finally... progress on replacing the awning that was ripped off in hurricane Wilma.
The awning company finished the frame and attacheched it to the building. I suppose
sometime early this week the canvas will be attached. Needless to say, we're hoping
this one doesn't get blown off very soon.
Getting ready to head in now... today is all you can eat snow crab legs, and that means
a busy night.
Tuesday July 4, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:00PM
Happy Independence Day! We celebrate the birth of our nation. The document that
started the process, the Declaration of Independence can be read
or copy and paste this address into your browser window.
Tuesday June 27, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:15 PM
Well, as you may have noticed, I haven't been keeping up with this thing lately. Had a
three day spell in Holy Cross when a hernia repair went sideways with a small
complication, but everything is fine now, and each day I'm closer to 100%. (And any
lawyers... not interested.)
We still get calls about stone crabs, but stone crab season won't reopen until October
15th, so for the next few months my posts here may be a bit spotty.
In addition to our farm raised catfish, the big item now is our Alaskan Snow Crabs
legs. Normally, a dinner of two pounds of them goes for $21.95, but on Sunday and
Thursday we run them as all you can eat specials for $23.95. Evidently, the most
dangerous job in the world, Alaskan crab fishing, doesn't deter our customers because
Sundays and Thursdays are still "busy-season" crazy days.
So... I'd like to remind everyone that on Monday andTuesday we run our all you can
eat shrimp special. Large (21-25) fried shrimp and steamed peel-n-eat shrimp are all
you can eat for $15.95, and Wednesday is Bar-B-Que night... all you can eat Baby
Back Ribs for $16.95.
Another question we get is about reservations. We normally don't take reservations.
The exception is our monthly hoe-down where we reserve tables around the stage.
We also will reserve for large groups of ten or more aytime, but less than that just
come on in. This time of year the only days where we run a wait for a table are
Sundays, Thursdays and Saturdays. The long lines (which always humble me) that
wrap around the building are on hold until stone crab season reopens.
By the way... stay safe, keep your hurrican larder full and let's all hope we get a bye
Monday 5-29-2006
Memorial Day
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:30 PM
Everyone at Catfish Deweys wishes everyone an enjoyable holiday today, and hopes
we all take a moment to reflect and give thanks for all those that have given their
lives in defense of this nation.
Monday 5-22-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:00 Noon
Well, that's it for fresh stone crabs folks. The stone crab season opens back up in
mid-October. I don't plan on buying any frozen stone crabs but we still have our very
popular special on Alaskan snow crab legs. Every Sunday and Thursday large
Alaskan snow crab legs are featured as the all-you-can-eat special for $23.95.
Tuesday 5-16-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:30 AM
STONE CRABS !!! We will be getting the last delivery on Wednesday, 5-17-2006.
Monday, the 15th was the last day they could pull traps, and we've got a boat full
allocated to us, but they won't be delivered until tomorrow. They were caught
yesterday, sorted, and by the time they are all graded, cooked, boxed and iced it will
be late today. Then, early tomorrow, they start the long journey to our coolers so we
can serve them to you. This is as fresh as they come.
Tuesday 5-9-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12.20 PM
Mother's Day is this coming Sunday, so I'd like to wish all the beautiful Moms out
there a wonderful and happy Mother's Day! (Happy Mother's Day, Nan!! :-))
We normally open on Sundays at 4:00 PM, but on Mother's Day we open a little
earlier. The doors will open at 2:00 PM this Sunday and we expect to have an
excellent supply of stone crabs too! This will be just about the last opportunity to get
fresh Florida stone crabs this season. Monday, the 15th is the last day they can pull
traps for stone crabs so there is a chance we will have supply for the early part of
next week. I'll keep you posted on that, but in the meantime, remember Mom!
Saturday 5-6-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:40 AM
We've been getting plenty of stone crabs all this week, and today we're expecting a
delivery fresh from the Keys, and what's even better news, the price has dipped
downward once again on the large stone crabs. Not a whole lot, but a slightly lower
price is certainly better than slightly higher!
The Air-Sea Show on Fort Lauderdale beach is today and tomorrow where over a
million people will cram themselves together on the beach to see the jets (Blue
Angels, F-15, F-14, F-16, B-1-B, B-2, F-117) the ships and the mock Marine assault
with LCAC's and Cobra gunships, the B-52 drop a stick of watermelons on a target
offshore, Navy SEAL parachute team, Army parachute team and a whole lot more, so
have fun today and tomorrow, Fort Lauderdale!
Monday 5-1-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:50 AM
Well, we don't have many stone crabs for tonight, but for Tuesday and Wednesday it
looks like they are lining up nicely. Remember, season ends May 15th, so fresh
Florida stone crabs will be available for only two more weeks.
Saturday 4-22-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:45 PM
Stone crabs good for Sunday, mediums, large and jumbos, though if you're coming for
the jumbos, come earlier rather than later.
I'll be on an excursion in the Caribbean all next week, unrelated to work, so it may be
a while before I post again.
Monday 4-17-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday, yesterday. What a beautiful day it
was, here in South Florida... clear (and I mean crystal clear) blue sky, mid 80's and
last night it was about 63. We have more stone crabs coming tomorrow, and a side
note... there's 28 days left for Stone Crab Season.
Thursday 4-13-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:30 AM
Easter Sunday weekend approaches and I must remind everyone we will be closed on
Easter Sunday.
We have an excellent supply of medium stone crabs lined up through Saturday, and a
fair amount of large... however the jumbos suddenly seem to have vanished. That may
change, and it might be a result of this particular weekend (Good Friday and all...) but
if I can add any jumbos into the pipeline I'll post up here without delay. If none
appear, then it's going to be mediums and large, and my wishes for a happy and
wonderful Easter Holiday.
Saturday 4-8-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:45 AM
We have jumbos, large and mediums coming today, and what's more... the price has
moved downward, so our price at the table is a little lower across the board on stone
crabs. I can't say if this is a supply/demand anomaly, or if this is a trend for the
remainder of the season, but either way this is welcome.
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:30 AM
We'll be good with stone crabs today and tomorrow. Starting to gear down too, a bit,
so the long waits are not as long as they were. I am humbled by how many folks
waited patiently to eat all through this busy season, and though the waits are still
there most nights, they are not as long as before. (In this photograph (
click here) you
can see our wait line well before sunset. You can also see we are still in repair-mode
from the hurricane and we are still waiting for our new awning over the front.)Most
locals know this pattern and will start venturing out again soon, so if you're a visitor
here and want to mingle with the local population around good seafood, now is the
time and this is the place.
Tuesday 3-28-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:10 AM
We should be receiving a good amount of medium, large and jumbo stone crabs today,
and there's more in the pipe line for tomorrow. The weather is still beautiful, so I'm
hoping this helps offset a negative factor in stoone crab suply. That factor is, as we
approach the end of the crab season (May 15th) many of the smaller operators call it
a season and rack up their crab pots. I'm not sure why this is.
One could imagine that the larger operators force them to do this in order to keep the
supply deliberately smaller. You see, this is the time of year when the crazy, wild
business is slowing up... meaning overall demand for stone crabs is dropping. If the
supply remained the same, while demand shrinks, they wouldn't be able to keep the
prices way up in the stratosphere.
Perhaps there is the basis for a murder/mystery novel here, where a small, pot
smoking stone crab fisherman refuses to pull his traps the last six weeks of season
because he's also obligated to smuggle a load of cannibas and the evil mega-crabber
has him done in. Hmmmm... If John D. MacDonald was still alive it would be a Travis
Magee story. I wonder if Carl Hiaasen reads this blog? LOL
"Stoned Crabs"
Saturday 3-25-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 4:00 PM
This cold front (we're going to the mid forties tonight, frost in north Florida) has kept
most of the stone crab fleet moored, consequently we got only a few mediums and
large in for tonight. It's highly probable they won't last the night, so if you're coming
for stone crabs tonight, come earlier rather than later. Tomorrow, Sunday, looks
really grim... we may not have any stone crabs at all on Sunday, but if that changes I'll
put up a note here to that effect.
The good news is, the sky is a bright, clear blue and if you're out in the sun the solar
warmth feels good in combination with the crisp air. The beaches are packed, the
ocean water is this sublime clear blue... out further where the Gulf Stream is closest
you see a deeper, darker blue; the natives are friendly and the visitors in heaven.
There's sailboats, power boats, wind surfers, jet skis and para-sailors. Every half hour
a big white cruise ship sorties out of Port Everglades for somewhere in the Caribbean.
It's absolutely beautiful in South Florida in March and today is a picture of weather
Tuesday 3-21-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:00 Noon
Just got confirmation we will be recieving medium, large and jumbo stone crabs today,
and more lined up for tomorrow. Weather channel shows fair conditions over the next
few days... some rain... some wind, but to me it doesn't look too bad for fishing boats,
so I'm hoping stone crab supply will remain good through this weekend.
Monday 3-20-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:35 PM
Ever since Captain Mike, formerly our primary and most reliable stone crab supplier,
retired, aquiring stone crabs has been a challenge. In fact, it has developed into a
system best described as fishing with 7 or 8 lines in the water. You don't know which
line will get a bite, but hope at least one does. And almost never does a line get a bite
on Sunday or Monday, but today we did snag some medium stone crabs for this
evening. We sold out of all yesterday, but we should be good to go on mediums for
tonight. Still keeping all other lines wet for tomorrow, but I'll let you know later how
well that went.
Correction to my Thursday note below about winning best place for stone crabs in the
Sun Sentinel City Link. What we won, was top spot in the
"10 things we can't live
without" article. We were noted in the piece for our Alaskan Snow Crab Legs all you
can eat special on Thursdays and Sundays. Big photo of the crab legs too. It wasn't
about our stone crabs, but that's okay... I can barely aquire enough of them as it is.
Update to Saturday post.
1:15 PM
Large stone crabs did in fact arrive today! Yay! We're good on mediums, large and
jumbos. AYCE offered for all three, as well as single portion dinners.
Side note: Not sure if you want a two pound dinner of stone crabs or the all you can
eat? You can order the two pound, and convert it into an all you can eat if you like.
Just tell your server.
Saturday 3-18-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:45 AM
We have plenty of medium stone crabs coming in today and a fair amount of jumbos.
Interestingly, the large stones were in short supply. We have some, but it looks like
they will be offered only as one and two pound dinners.
Thursday March 16, 2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:45 AM
I've been remiss in keeping you up to date, but it has been terribly busy. However, for
those of you that have been coming in, you know we have been able to maintain
adequate supplies of stone crabs. I have more coming in today, and more lined up for
Friday, so things look good.
Scott, the foodrunner, told me last night he had read in the City Link paper (part of
the local Sun Sentinel) that Catfish Deweys won a "BEST OF" category... best place
for stone crabs!
Now I know we do a good job with stone crabs, but that is the priciest food item in
South Florida, and years ago when I made the decision to carry them, it was with
considerable reservation, because we are, after all, a very humble catfish restaurant
and I wasn't sure an item four or five times the price of everything else on the menu
would fly. But it has, and I am very grateful to all of our loyal friends that come for
catfish, and stone crabs and always make it a point to look for me and say hello. For
example, last night I was back in my closet of an office with my head buried in this
computer, bank statement, credit card statements slogging through the checkbook
reconcilliatioon when I came out front to get a glass of ice water and people came up
to tell me hello and all sorts of things. It makes all the work seem worthwhile. It's
good for the ego, I'm here to tell you.
Thank you all, most sincerely.
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