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Update to Monday 3-6-2006
It looks like we can expect large stone crabs in today now. This is good news.
Monday 3-6-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:00 AM
We will have adequate medium stone crabs coming in for tonight, as well as a few
pounds of jumbos. This means no large, and only one and two pound dinners on the
jumbos, but will be okay on all you can eat with the mediums.
Friday 3-3-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:20 AM
More fresh Florida stone crabs coming in today, though they are mostly mediums.
Still waiting to hear from the supplier from the Keys about more for Saturday, but for
this first Friday of Lent we are set up well on jumbos and large and set up excellent on
Tuesday 2-28-06
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:00 AM
Wow, here it is the end of the month already. How time flies! Our country hoe down is
this coming Sunday, and though we are booked as far as taking reservations, if you
don't mind waiting for a table, this promises to be the show of the year!
I have fresh medium stone crabs, large and jumbos coming in today, and as long as
everything promised is actually fulfilled then we will be good to go!
Thursday 2-23-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:55 AM
Well, it's starting to look like I was right about the weather/supply thing. (I love it
when I'm right) Supply on stone crabs is good for tonight and tomorrow (I'll know
more about Saturday/Sunday tomorrow) and the prices have nudged down a bit.
Really good stone crabs too... the jumbos are bordering on the next size up- colassal.
But whether they are jumbos, large or mediums, they are all fresh-fresh, bursting with
that sweet stone crab meat. Ahhh.... this is a great time of year!
Monday 2-16-2006
Sorry about missing so many days, here. It's been really busy.
We have some mediums and some large for tonight, but will only have enough to do
single portion one and two pound dinners. Lined up for Tuesday should be enough
mediums to do AYCE dinners. I'm still working on large and jumbos, but I'm still
waiting on call backs to find out about those.
The weather here right now is amazing. (Sorry, folks up north, but you should be down
here now!) It's clear and about 75 to 80 in the daytime and upper 60's to low 70's at
night. Hopefully this means there's going to be good stone crab supply in the next
couple of days.
Wednesday 2-15-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:50 AM
Tonight should be a bit less manic than last night. I have some stones coming in for
tonight. Mediums will be all you can eat as well as single portion dinners, but the
large and jumbos can only be offered as single portion dinners.
Tuesday 2-14-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:50 AM
Happy Valentine's Day! We will have stone crabs for tonight. Mediums, large and
jumbos, but they may not last the entire night. They are all offered as all-you-can-eat
dinners as well as one and two pound dinners, but make arrangements to arrive
earlier rather than later.
Again, we don't take reservations, but since you're here now, here's a tip: call
954-566-5333 a half hour to forty five minutes before your time of arrival and have
the hostesses add your name to the wait list. This way, your name will be at, or near
the top upon arrival and a 45 minute wait is reduced to 10 minutes or so.
Sunday 2-12-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:45 PM
Getting ready to head in to work now... I've spent all morning long trying to get
somebody to bring us stone crabs. The best I could do id a delivery tomorrow,
Monday. They're promising plenty of mediums, large and jumbos for Monday from
yesterday's catch, but we will see.
What that means for tonight is not good. We have a few pounds of all three sizes left
from Saturday's delivery, but we're going to run out early tonight. No all you can eat
stone crabs tonight folks, just one and two pound dinners until they're gone.
The good news is it looks like we will have them for Valentine's day. I'll keep all you
hungry lovebirds updated on that.
Thursday 2-9-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:45 PM
Okay. I just got confirmation for Friday delivery from two suppliers. The first, the one
we've dealt with for over a decade, is bringing large and mediums. The second, (this is
the first year we've dealt with them) is bringing jumbos, large and mediums. I hope
the second is as reliable as the first. Either way, we look to be well stocked on large
and mediums for Friday night.
Thursday 2-9-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:30 AM
I'm afraid all that's coming in for tonight are medium stone crabs. We'll have enough
for AYVE dinners, but none of our six suppliers could come up with anything larger.
Wednesday 2-8-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:30 AM
More fresh stone crabs coming in today. We will have plenty of mediums and large.
There's supposed to be ten pounds of jumbos too. Ten pounds? That's like nothing.
Still, we will offer them as one and two pound dinners. And who knows? Maybe there
will be more than ten pounds. I always tell them if more magically appear, just add
them to the order.
Monday 2-6-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Looks like we will have medium and large stone crabs coming in for today. This is
good news, especially for the birthday group who called me on Sunday!
Saturday 2-4-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:50 AM
Just got in fresh mediums, large and jumbos from the Florida Keys. Not as many
large and jumbos as I'd like, but should be enough to get through tonight doing one
and two pound dinners on the jumbos. I'm still waiting to see if another supplier is
going to make it up from the Keys okay. This front brought a pretty heavy downpour
late last night and I'm hearing on the radio conditions down in Miami are flooded, so
the single portion dinners on the large and jumbos may be all we can offer. AYCE on
the mediums should be fine through tonight, and even Sunday, but this front and the
rough weather last night may mean a dry spell on stone crabs for a couple of days.
Thursday 2-2-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:30 PM
Plenty of medium and large stone crabs due in today. Tomorrow should bring more,
and keep your fingers crossed.... jumbos for Friday!
Tuesday 1-31-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:15 AM
Medium and large stone crabs should be in good supply with today's deliveries,
provided nothing vanishes in transit. The possibility of jumbos is there, but none of my
suppliers could make any promise on those, so we will know about jumbos when we
Saturday 1-28-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:30 AM
We got lots of medium and large stone crabs in today. This should be good through
Sunday. We did get some jumbos, but it remains to be seen if they're going to last
through tonight.
It was crazy busy last night. It felt like we were right at the edge of control. People
were lined up on the deck out front in a line waiting to put their name on the waiting
list. For those of you reading this, here's a little secret. About 30-45 minutes before
you expect to arrive, call us and tell us your name, number of people and the fact you
are on your way, and we'll put your name on the waiting list right then. We flag your
name as a call ahead, so that should your name rise to the top of the list before you
actually arrive, we keep it there until you come in.
See? It pays to read this blog!
Wednesday 1-25-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:40 AM
More large and jumbo stone crabs due in today. As long as everything comes in as
expected, we should be doing AYCE on all three sizes. I'm heading in right now to
help with a party of 115 tour folks having lunch before hitting the King Tut exhibit
down the road.... later!
Tuesday 1-24-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:00 AM
We will be in good supply on fresh mediums from the Keys tonight, with more coming
tomorrow, Wednesday. On both deliveries we are also asking for as many large and
jumbos they can bring, but at this moment we are still waiting to see exactly how many
pounds of the bigger claws actually arrive.
Monday 1-23-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:35 PM
Tomorrow, Tuesday, we will be recieving medium stone crabs and a few large. I'm still
waiting to hear from two other suppliers for more large and maybe jumbos, but as of
this writing it looks like mediums and a few large.
Sunday 1-22-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:30 AM
Sad to report we sold out of all stone crabs last night and despite all efforts can find
none for Sunday. It may be Tuesday before I can get more in, but I'll keep you all
informed if that projection changes.
Saturday 1-21-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:50 AM
Provided they all arrive today, we should have plenty of mediums and some large and
some jumbos for tonight. We can do the AYCE on the mediums, but the large and
jumbos will have to be limited to one and two pound dinners.
I have to say a word about the parking, because of an upset dude last night. We have
free parking on our property and there is free parking at the racing fuel station next
door where we lease the space. However, that's only available after they close for the
day at 6:00 PM. Next to the station is a small strip center owned by Armstrong
Properties. They provide space for parking for $3.00. I have no control over that, and
while it is true they initially offered to lease the lot, they withdrew that offer and
elected to charge a fee. This is what the dude was so upset about, and I told him... I'm
sorry, but the alternative is to keep circling around until a free space opens. Now,
having paid myself the $10.00 parking fee at the Beach Place on A1A it seems like
this guy was making a big fuss over a really small thing.
Thursday 1-19-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:15 PM
We have plenty of medium stone crabs for all you can eat tonight. Tomorrow is
promised more large stone crab claws, so we should have AYCE on both mediums and
large on Friday. Still waiting for word on jumbos. We have some for tonight, but only
enough to do single portion dinners.
Wednesday 1-18-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:20 AM
I know we were a little thin on jumbos yesterday, but we are expecting more today.
Unfortunately, we'll only be able to plate one and two pound dinners on jumbos since
we're not getting all that we asked for. Mediums and large should be okay, though,
and the nice, calm and warm weather right now should mean the weekend supply
ought to be a bit better.... but as we all know... we will see. We finally got our new sign
panels installed. Now we just need the electrician to finish bringing power to it.
The new awning might still be a month away. I keep having this nightmare...
everything damaged in hurricane Wilma is fixed or replaced just in time for a 2006
hurricane, and the whole cycle starts over again...
Monday 1-16-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:15 AM
We are expecting medium, large and jumbo stone crabs today. How? All I can say is
with stone crabs, evidently anything is possible.
Posted 11:40 PM
Update to Saturday... we should be fine on stone crabs for Sunday.
Saturday 1-14-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:45 PM
Fresh Stone Crabs in the door this morning. I personally checked these today and
they are excellent! Mediums, large and jumbos.
The bad news is... this west wind. It's blowing hard out there as this cold front pushes
through and that means high probability there won't be more stone crabs for a few
days. I can't predict what will be left for Sunday or Monday, so tonight is the night to
get stone crabs.
Wednesday 1-11-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:15 AM
Looks like the Stone Crab market is opening up! Plenty of medium, large and jumbo
stones coming in for today. Tomorrow and Friday look promising as well. A cold front
is expected this weekend, but I'm going to try to stock up on as much as I can for the
weekend. Overall, I'd characterize the stone crab situation for the next five days as
"very good".
The sign company says it will have our new poly-carb sign panels installed Friday, and
hopefully it won't be too much longer until the electrician runs new electric to the sign.
(The conduit was ripped away in hurricane Wilma). The new awning is still a few
weeks away, but overall, everything seems to be coming together.
Tuesday 1-10-06
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:00 Noon
FRESH medium stone crabs are coming in the door even as I type this. We will have
fresh medium stone crabs tonight, all you can eat. We're expecting, from another
supplier (yet to arrive today) a limited amount of large stone crabs, which we will offer
as one and two pound dinners.
Things seem to be easing up, I have more mediums, large and
some jumbos in the
pipeline for Thursday.
Monday 1-9-06
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:00 Noon
Frozen mediums will be in house for tonight. The good news is there's indications
fresh stone crabs will be available soon, although right now the fresh are a little more
expensive than using stones frozen in November before the big price spike.
We had a great Hoe Down last night. If you've never been to one of our country
shows you're missing out on a really different restaurant experience. Anyone in the
restaurant business loves seeing everyone (guests and staff) in the house having a
good time, but on Hoe Down nights there is a level of fun that crackles throughout the
room, an energy and a mood that has everybody smiling and singing and laughing and
eating and drinking that is a step above the ordinary busy night.
Unfortunately, we are skipping the February show because of Super Bowl Sunday, but
we are already booking parties for the March 5th show. It will fill up soon, so if you're
of a mind to try a Hoe Down on for size, call soon. 954-566-5333.
I'll have more on the status of Fresh Stone Crabs as soon as the facts are known...
maybe tomorrow.
Friday 1-6-06
Posted by Dewey Jr. 2:25PM
So far it doesn't look like there's going to be more stone crabs for Saturday and
Sunday. It's this cold front moving through. The few fishermen that are still doing
stone crabs evidently aren't going out in this wind and cold. I'll know more late tonight
about Saturday's prospects, but for now it looks like tonight is the night to get your
stone crabs.
Friday 1-6-06
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:15AM
As long as they don't vanish out of the pipeline, we are expecting a fair amount of
FRESH medium stone crabs for today. Probably enough to get all the way through
Friday, but there is a chance we'll sell out before 10:00PM, so don't procrastinate too
long for tonight, folks. :-)
Tuesday 1-3-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:45PM
Okay, for Wednesday here's what we have coming in. A very limited amount of
FRESH mediums and large. I brought in some more medium frozen, but will be
offering the fresh stone crabs on a first come first serve basis, so if you've been
jonesing for fresh stone crabs come as early as possible. Perhaps Thursday will be
better, but until we actually know, we don't know.
The note on
page 3 explains in some detail why this Stone Crab season is so hard.
I wish things were better right now.
Tuesday 1-3-2006
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:30AM
Stone crab situation is still bad. Again, for today, we have previously frozen stone
crabs coming in. This supply is running out fast, though. Fresh caught has to start
soon. Perhaps Wednesday, but I'll know more later today about tomorrow.
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