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Saturday 12-31-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:05 PM
New Years Eve! Happy New Year to everyone, and here's to good health, prosperity
and happiness for everyone. Dare we hope the summer of 2006 will be a bye year for
us for bad hurricanes?
We dare, not the least of which is because of how much damage the hurricanes from
this last summer did to the stone crab industry. Speaking with a supplier yesterday
afternoon, fully 2/3 of the total stone crab traps destroyed have yet to be replaced.
The finacial hardship on may fishermen has turned them into part-time fishermen.
They've resorted to taking second jobs in order to make ends meet, and make fewer
visits out to check trap buoys. Many have gone out of business altogether, and sure...
this means opportunities for others to fill niches in crabing, but it takes time. We must
recall, hurricane Wilma came over a week after Stone Crab Season opened. We're
still waiting here at the restaurant for a new sign and a new awning over the front
entrance, so it's reasonable to believe the stone Crab industry will need time to
replace their own losses.
What this all means is that once again we resort to using previously frozen stone
crabs. Mediums is all there is of that because due to the hurricane reasons noted
above there was never enough catch on the large and jumbos.
We do have medium stone crabs tonight, and though I'm off on Saturday's, I'll be
down there with the crew toward the end of the night to celebrate our best year ever
at Catfish Deweys, best even in spite of the time and material damages challenged
upon us by Wilma.
Sincerest thanks to all of our loyal customers, all of our new customers and all of the
Catfish Dewey's staff for a wonderful year, and hopes that 2006 brings great
happiness and all you can wish for to all of you.
Friday 12-30-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 10:20AM
On the subject of stone crabs. Nothing new. Status remains as noted in yesterday's
Thursday 12-29-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:40 PM
For the first time I am getting pretty depressed over the stone crab situation. Boy,
how I miss Captain Mike! He retired after last stone crab season, but Captain Mike
had ways and means to find stone crabs when all the others were coming up dry. If he
had a secret to finding stone crabs, he has kept it to himself. I'm sure somebody will
come along one day for us that has the magic touch like Captain Mike did, but until
then we are at the mercy of the skills of the crabbers that remain.
I have said before, if we ever are forced into using frozen stone crabs I would tell you
up front. We have frozen mediums for tonight, and for Friday as well... unless
something breaks later this afternoon with loads of fresh. I'll post up right away if that
happens, but looking outside right now it looks a bit grim... stiff breeze from the west
and possible rain. That's not good boating conditions, even for professionals trying to
make a living at it.
So maybe right here is a good point to remind all that tonight in Alaskan Snow Crab
Legs night. We have All-You-Can-Eat Alaskan Snow Crab Legs (Large ones) for just
$23.95 per person. Different than stone crabs, but in their own way, even more fun to
eat with lots of melted butter on a chilly, drizzly night. A bottle of crisp, dry Nobilo
Sauvignon Blanc from Marlbourough, New Zealand is the perfect wine for excellent
taste buds counterpoint.
Wednesday 12-28-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:20 PM
Stone crabs are so tight right now I have resorted to ordering frozen mediums for
tonight. We don't like to use frozen, but that's all we can get right now, and mediums
are all that was available. I am hoping each new day will bring news of a generous
catch, but so far that news has yet to come.
I am hoping for a good catch in time for New Year's Eve, but untl I know, it's just
hoping. I'll keep you posted on it.
Monday 12-26-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 2:00 PM
I am still not able to make any stone crab connections as of the time of this post. To
tell you the truth, until this west wind lays down there may not be any stone crabs.
(The stone crabbers don't take their boats out in rough water) I'll keep you posted on
the situation.
Saturday 12-24-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:20 PM
I am so sorry to report there are no stone crabs available for tonight. Everything we
had sold to the last claw Friday night and every one of our suppliers were coming up
dry. I wish it were not so, but I can't make fishermen take their boats out if they
choose not to, and I can't stop the larger, more pricy operations from seizing what
catch there is.
We are closed, tomorrow, for Christmas, so we wish everyone out there a very Merry
Christmas, and Happy Holiday.
Wednesday 12-21-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:00 AM
I should start by reminding everyone we will be closed on Christmas Day. We'll be
open Christmas Eve, theoretically until 10:00 PM, but if it's slow we'll probably stop
taking new tables around 8:30 or 9:00 PM.
Stone crabs coming in today will put us in excellent shape on mediums, and fair shape
on the large and jumbos.
Tuesday 12-20-2005
Posted by Dewey Jr. 2:30AM
We're expecting mediums and jumbos later today. This cool drizzly front passing
through right now... I'm hoping for better catches later in the week after is pushes on
BTW, after many requests... I finally got around to making a
lunch menu page.
Wednesday 12-14-2005
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Stone crab supply is good for today and tomorrow looks well too.
Monday 12-12-2005
Posted by Dewey Jr. 1:30 AM
Well... today we expect LOTS of stone crabs. Mediums, large and jumbos. Plenty for
all you can eat as well as the single plate dinners. This cold front should make all
week long good for stone crabs. Unless... I forgot to check the moon... lol
Wednesday 12-7-2005
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:45 PM
Today is Pearl Harbor Day. We should all take a moment and reflect on the words of
Franklin Roosevelt's address to the nation on December 8th, 1941.
"As commander in chief of the Army and Navy, I have directed that all measures be
taken for our defense. But always will our whole nation remember the character of the
onslaught against us.

No matter how long it may take us to overcome this premeditated invasion, the
American people in their righteous might will win through to absolute victory.

I believe that I interpret the will of the Congress and of the people when I assert that
we will not only defend ourselves to the uttermost, but will make it very certain that
this form of treachery shall never again endanger us.

Hostilities exist. There is no blinking at the fact that our people, our territory, and our
interests are in grave danger.

With confidence in our armed forces, with the unbounding determination of our
people, we will gain the inevitable triumph -- so help us God."
Now for stone crabs. It's been windy, and they are still a pretty hard commodity to
obtain. We should have enough for ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT stone crabs tonight. There's
more in the pipeline for the rest of the week, so it looks like we'll be okay on supply
through the weekend.

Monday 12-5-2005
What a hoe down yesterday! Rockin' country, tons of folks line dancing, eatin' catfish,
shrimp, snow crab and of course stone crabs. I have a couple of video clips for you
broadband folks up soon on the
Hoe-Down page. Maybe it was the Christmas
decorations, maybe it was the food and drink, but there was a certain magical quality
about the whole evening. In fact, we are already booked for the January 2006 show.
There is a potential problem, however. There may be a schedule conflict with the
band. You see, they play for us only one day per month, but they also play at the Hard
Rock Casino as well as other venues. I'll know more tomorrow, but there is a distinct
possibility there won't be a Sunday Hoe Down in January and we'll have to call all
those bookings and tell them the unfortunate situation.
Now stone crabs. For today, all we have is large stones, and a few jumbos. Just spoke
with a supplier earlier this AM and have some mediums promised for tomorrow, but
that confirmation will come, as usual, tomorrow when they arrive.
A new canopy awning is ordered for out front. It will be a longer awning covering all
the outside bench seating for folks waiting for a table! New carpet due for installation
in the next week or two. Different color this time, but I don't think I'll tell what the
color is right now. Y'all will just have to come and see our new carpet. :-)
Friday 12-2-2005
Posted by Dewey Jr. 7:15 PM
Stone crabs are very hard to get for this weekend. Tonight, I couldn't get enough
mediums or jumbos to do all you can eat. Only on the large is the AYCE being
offered. On Saturday, (December 3rd) we have more of all three sizes coming in, but
how much actually arrives is a question mark up until the actual point of arrival. We
should, and I emphasize should, be able to to offer all you can eat on the mediums for
Saturday, as well as the large. Possibly the jumbos, but most likely jumbos will be
available as one and two pound dinners. Nothing could be lined up for Sunday, and it
is quite possible we will be sold out Saturday near closing, so for stone crabs, come
Saturday and come earlier rather than later.
Thursday 12-1-05
Posted by Dewey Jr.  7:05 AM
Tonight we should have good supply on mediums, large and jumbo stone crabs. I'll
begin working this morning on arranging for Friday and Saturday stones crabs. Will
keep you posted on what their status is.
Sunday coming, December 4th, is the first Sunday of the month and that means
Shirley Ray's Country Hoe Down! We are all booked, and though we always keep
one third of our seating for walk-in guests, it's going to be a pretty manic Sunday for
the last Hoe Down of 2005.
Monday 11-28-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:00 Noon
Wow... this morning there is a spike in prices on stone crabs. Since the hurricane,
they've been creeping up with each delivery... a percent here, two percent there, and
we have been absorbing the increase with no change in the price we charge here... but
this morning the quote is 9% across the board. That's outrageous. I still have a
couple of other suppliers to hear from, but if this is industry wide, this is an increase
that will have to be reflected on the menu. I hate to do it, but there may be no choice.
Wednesday 11-23-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 11:00 AM
The brisk winds that accompanied the cold front we are enjoying right now here in
South Florida also kept many stone crab fishermen from taking the boats out to pull
traps. Stone crabs are hard to get, but we seem to have lined up plenty for today, and
more coming on Friday and Satrurday for the weekend. However, jumbos may be in
short supply. Mediums and large should be in adequate supply through the weekend...
as long as the stone crabs don't do their Houdini act and disappear out of the pipeline.
That happened yesterday, one supplier we use had an entire load vanish right out of
their computer, and pipeline on it's way to Catfish Deweys. (Note: we never rely on
just one supplier... eggs & baskets kinda thing....)
HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!!! We will be closed for Thanksgiving so all of our
staff and associates can enjoy the day with their families.
See you on Friday for Stone crab day ... afeter Turkey Day! :-)
Monday 11-21-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:10 AM
Looks like we are in the clear from Gamma. (I believe I predicted that.) We are
expecting plenty of medium stone crabs and plenty of jumbos for tonight, but for some
reason it was the large in short supply for Monday. Stone crabs... you just never can
Christopher finished repairing the deck on the south side of the building. The new
lumber sure looks nice, and it would be nice to re-do the entire deck in new lumber,
but there's other projects with higher priority right now. The sign, for example. Oh
well... one step at a time.
A reminder to all... we are closed on Thanksgiving Day. All things considered, we
have a good deal to be thankful for. And as for me... I am going to sleeeeep....
Saturday 11-19-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 12:00 Noon
Gamma. Tropical storm.
Track path forecast to follow in Wilma's footsteps, and I am
wondering: Didn't we just dance to this song? Go to the
beginning of this journal to
see the dance already danced.
Oh well. Whatever will be will be. Still... I think two things. One: it will pass further
south, and two: this late in the season it can't get very strong, and may actually get
sheered apart by the cold front descending upon South Florida.
Famous last words, you think? Well... stay tuned....
Friday 11-18-05
Posted by Dewey Jr. 9:45 AM

Fresh mediums, large and jumbo stone crabs due in today. Rain is predicted through
the weekend, so how that effects the stone crab catch for the rest of the weekend is a
bit in question. Right now, rain is scattered, so the fishermen
should be out pulling
traps today which means there
should be deliveries tomorrow. But, as always, with
stone crabs we will know more when we actually know.
I am very gratified and humbled by how may people have been coming in to the
restaurant since Wilma. We stll have no sign outside that says "Catfish Deweys" yet
we have a packed house every night. It may be some time before the sign is fixed and
lighted back up... we are still waiting in "line" for our electrician to re-wire the sign,
and I still need to find a good sign company to replace the painted plexi-windows. Any
ideas? Write to me at
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