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Tuesday Nov. 29, 2011
We are expecting within the half hour
***12:45PM*** plenty of fresh medium stone
crabs and plenty of large stone crabs. With regard
to the jumbos, it looks like we're going to be
shorted a little bit and can only offer them as one
and two pound dinners while the medium and
large can be all you can eat as well as one and two
pound dinners.
Saturday Nov. 26, 2011
Hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving Holiday.
Read Steven King's new book about the JFK
assassination, "11/22/63, A Novel". If you could
travel back in time to prevent Lee Harvey Oswald
from shooting JFK in Dallas on 11/22/63 how
would you go about it and what would the
historical consequences be? Very interesting.
Check it out: Click here to check it out:  
Anyway, we've got plenty of fresh Florida stone
crabs for tonight, mediums, large and jumbos..
Tuesday Nov. 22, 2011
We got lots of large and jumbo claws in for today
but there were no mediums to be found. Believe
me, I wish there were more mediums around but
they've been, for the most part, the most scarce
size since the season began. One theory holds that
the previous season when stone crabs were
difficult to find - the cold winter a possible factor -
the high survival rate allowed more crabs to
survive (or at least go unshorn of a claw) and
grow claws one year bigger... mediums to large
and large to jumbo. In any case, we got in plenty
of large and jumbos.
Monday Nov. 21, 2011
Got in a pretty good supply of fresh mediums,
large and jumbos, enough to serve all you can eat
or single portion dinners. And remember, if you're
not sure all you can eat is something you can make
worth your money, you always have the option of
converting a single portion stone crab dinner into
an all you can eat dinner. Just tell your server.
There's no need to leave the dinner table after
having Florida stone crabs and thinking you
could've eaten more of the sweet delicacy known
as fresh Florida stone crabs.
Sunday Nov. 20, 2011
Sorry to check in so  late but I was watching the
Dolphins make another statement to the "suck for
Luck" crowd. LOL
Anyway, we've got plenty of fresh mediums, large
and jumbo stone crabs for tonight.
(Good job Fins!)
Saturday Nov. 19, 2011
We're pretty well set on fresh Florida stone crabs
for today, mediums, large and jumbos. We've got
great prices on all you can eat as well as one
pound dinners and two pound dinners.
Friday Nov 18, 2011
Got mediums, large and jumbos in today, all fresh.
We could certainly use more mediums but there
were plenty of large and jumbos brought in this
This front moving through bringing all this wind and
rain means availability for the remainder of the
weekend is in some question, although we will, of
course, know more in the morning.
***From the weather button above: "
cloudy. Scattered showers. Windy. Not as
warm. Highs in the upper 70s. Northeast winds
15 to 20 mph becoming 20 to 25 mph in the
afternoon. Chance of rain 50 percent."
Thursday Nov. 17, 2011
We're good for all you can eat on fresh medium
and large stone crabs and can do single portion
dinners of jumbos as well as medium and large.
Tues. Nov. 15, 2011
Got plenty of fresh stone crabs in today, all three
sizes. Sorry for posting late.
Sunday Nov. 13, 2011
We will be doing all you can eat for large stone
crabs but on the mediums and the jumbos we've
only got enough to offer one and two pound
dinners. The mediums are still the hardest size to
Saturday Nov. 12, 2011
More fresh stone crabs in today, mediums, large
and jumbos. Plenty on the mediums and large,
jumbos might not make closing time so if you're
looking for jumbos, "earlier" is the order -- so to
speak -- of the day.
Friday Nov. 11, 2011
Happy Veteran's Day! Arriving later this morning,
fresh medium, large and jumbo stone crab claws!
Thursday Nov. 10, 2011
We're set pretty well on mediums and large
although jumbos will have to be single portion
dinners. Now... for a little change of pace...
During the American Revolution, many important
political discussions took place in the inns and
taverns of Philadelphia, including the founding of
the Marine Corps.

A committee of the Continental Congress met at
Tun Tavern to draft a resolution calling for two
battalions of Marines able to fight for
independence at sea and on shore.

The resolution was approved on November 10,
1775, officially forming the Continental Marines.

As the first order of business, Samuel Nicholas
became Commandant of the newly formed
Marines. Tun Tavern’s owner and popular patriot,
Robert Mullan, became his first captain and
recruiter. They began gathering support and were
ready for action by early 1776.

Each year, the Marine Corps marks November
10th with a celebration of the brave spirit which
compelled these men and thousands since to
defend our country as United States Marines.

Catfish Deweys staff stand ready to serve birthday
cake and sing Happy Birthday to any Marines
who wish that today. Happy birthday Marines!

Wednesday Nov. 9, 2011
Got fresh large and jumbos in today as well as
more mediums so we have all you can eat across
the board.
Tuesday Nov. 8, 2011
Just got in a good amount of mediums and they
should last the night for all you can eat. Only a
handfull of large and jumbos today, so they're
going to have to be single portion dinners only...
but remember, we do two pound dinners as well
as one pound dinners and two pounds of stone
crabs is a lot for most folks. Indeed, when there
are enough stone crabs, you can actually order the
two pound dinner if you doubt all you can eat is
cost effective for you and at some point in the
meal (if you're feeling spunky) request that the two
pound dinner be converted into an all you can eat!
On another note, later today a city block size
asteroid is passing by Earth inside the orbital
radius of the moon! By any astronomical measure,
that is pretty darn close! It reminded me of a book
by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle called
"Lucifer's Hammer" where the Earth is not spared
and the story of the survival of pockets of people
in the mountains. I highly recommend it.
(Check it out,
you can read a bit at Amazon!)
Monday Nov. 7, 2011
We have medium and jumbo claws offered only as
single portion meals while they last. These past
few days of wind is making them hard to find
because not many boats venture out in rough
water. We expect a good delivery of mediums for
Tuesday but not so many large and jumbos.
Wednesday looks more promising and should the
situation change I will post here as soon as I know.
Sunday Nov. 6, 2011
Sundays and Mondays are generally the most
difficult to arrange fresh stone crabs to be
delivered and today and tomorrow don't appear
to be the exception. We do have enough medium
and large stone crabs today to start off with all you
can eat dinners, but they won't last the night and at
some point-- I don't know when-- we will cut off
new orders for all you can eat and sell only single
portion dinners until they are gone. As of this time
I see Tuesday 11/8/11 as the next day for a
delivery of fresh claws..
So... come earlier today rather than later if it's
stone crabs you seek. :)
Saturday Nov. 5, 2011
We got in plenty of medium and large stone crabs
for tonight!
Thursday Nov. 3, 2011
That glut on the market we've been looking for is
here but it's with large claws only. Mediums
remain hard to get and consequently the price
remains the same.
The large, however are down
again in price
and we are doing all you can eat
large, fresh, Florida stone crabs for $62. A two
pound dinner is $42 and a one pound dinner is
$26. Call the restaurant for pricing on mediums
and jumbos.

Wednesday 11-2-11
Good supply of medium, large and jumbo claws
for tonight.
Addendum to previous note 11-1-2011 >>>
Got more jumbos in than we were expecting, so
can do all you can eat on jumbos too. Also, that
lower price on large seems to be stable! That's
GREAT news!
Tuesday 11-1-2011
Mediums, large and jumbos coming today and can
do all you can eat on mediums and large but can
do only single portion dinners on jumbos.
Sunday Oct. 30, 2011
Plenty of large and jumbos but no mediums. Large
are $29 for a one pound dinner, $49 for a 2
pound dinner and $65 for all you can eat.
Saturday Oct 29, 2011
We are well stocked with fresh Florida stone
crabs today, mediums, large and jumbos!
Friday Oct 28, 2011
Good supply of fresh medium, large and jumbo
stone crabs in today!
Wednesday Oct. 26, 2011
Got plenty of medium, large and jumbo claws in
for tonight! :)
Tuesday October 25, 2011
Just received a delivery of fresh medium, large and
jumbo stone crabs so we are good to go for
Monday October 24, 2011
All we have for today are jumbo claws. I wish
there were mediums and large for tonight but it
looks like those will come in tomorrow.
Sunday 10/23/11
Addendum to previous note... although we could
not find anyone selling mediums for today we did
get a better but on fresh large and jumbos so the
price today (and maybe tomorrow) is lower.
Sunday October 23, 2011
All we have available for today in the category of
fresh Florida stone crabs are large and jumbo
claws. No mediums to be found. It seems like
every season at the beginning there's just not
enough mediums on the market. But the large and
jumbos are oh, so satisfying! :)
Friday October 21, 2011
We will be good on fresh stone crabs for tonight
but won't know about delivery for Saturday until
tomorrow morning... or maybe tonight if the driver
is on the road overnnight from the west coast.
Thursday October 20, 2011
Got fresh mediums, large and jumbos in today, but
once again we will probably sell out of mediums
first, so come earlier rather than later for the
mediums. The weather the last few days has made
stone crabs tough to get but mediums seem in
even shorter supply than large or jumbos.
Hopefully with this excellent weather we're
enjoying for the next few days the supply will
come back strong.
Wednesday October 19, 2011
We have a pretty good supply of fresh stone crabs
for tonight. Mediums... if you're coming for
mediums you might consider a bit earlier rather
than later tonight. And for those folks looking at
Thursday... Theoretically there are fresh stone
crabs in the pipeline but within the context of this
weather today we will keep our fingers crossed.
Tuesday October 18, 2011
We have fresh Florida stone crabs coming today!
There was a window of opportunity yesterday in
all this weather for a few intrepid stone crab
fishermen  to pull crab traps on the west coast
yesterday. Good news because later this afternoon
we've got mediums, large and jumbos coming in.
Not as many mediums as I would normally like
and given this continuing weather possibly the only
crabs until Friday.
Needless to say, we continue the search for
intrepid fishermen. :)
Monday October 17, 2011
All the wind and rain on Sunday means there are
very few stone crabs available for today. all we
are going to have are large and jumbos. We will
offer the large as all you can eat dinners as well as
one and two pound platters and jumbos as one
and two pound platters. Tomorrow looks more
promising because the weather is a bit calmer
I really enjoyed meeting Aprile and Ralph last
night, two of our facebook fans. Fantastic folks!
It's pretty neat to actually meet the people one
meets on the internet in real life. :)
Sunday October 16, 2011
Guess what I'm eating for breakfast right now? A
fresh Florida stone crab claw delivered just
moments ago and what a treat! We got in
mediums, large and jumbos. We will be doing
mediums priced as follows:
All you can eat mediums $47
Two pound platter mediums $35
One pound platter mediums $22

All you can eat large $74
Two pound platter large $59
One pound platter large $33

Two pound platter jumbos $69
One pound platter jumbos $39

Didn't get enough jumbos in to do all you can eat
but we should have plenty of large and medium
claws for today. Doors open at 11:30 AM for
lunch and we're open straight through until 10:
00PM at night. Check out new coupon for stone
crabs on our
facebook page here.

Saturday October 15, 2011

Today is the first day of stone crab season.
Unfortunately, that doesn't mean we will get them
today. Out first delivery of fresh Florida stone
crab claws will be tomorrow, although I'm not
sure of what time.

Initial reports of what the harvest is looking like is
less than stellar. There are reports of spider crabs
in some traps instead of stone crabs. We should
still get a good supply of stone crabs tomorrow,
but if the supply is less than expected, the price
may be higher than we would hope for. Still, I'd be
surprised if the prices are higher than last season
which had the highest prices on record because it
was a constant struggle to find enough stone crabs
to satisfy demand.

I'll know more tomorrow and will post here as
soon as I can.
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