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Tuesday October 4, 2011
All indications are still go for our first stone crab
delivery on Sunday October 16th. In the
meantime, gator meat is getting hard to find. The
reason is the pricey gator hide is not so much in
demand in this economy and if nobody is buying
alligator leather then there is no reason to harvest
the gator.... the tail meat has always been a mere
by-product of harvesting the gator hide... so, for
the time being I suggest a classic standby for an
appetizer; shrimp cocktail.

Sunday September 25, 2011
Stone crab season begins in a couple of weeks on
Saturday October 15th. Barring unforeseen
weather difficulties we should have our first
delivery on Sunday the 16th.
As a reminder, our free lunch and 50% off
coupons expire on October 15th,
so be sure and
download your coupons from here!

Friday August 19, 2011
Just got a good shot of our blackened catfish.
Sorry... I couldn't resist a bite. :)

Monday And Tuesday Large fried shrimp and
large steamed shrimp are all you can eat for
$17.99. Shown here are the fried shrimp ----->

More photos of all you can eat dishes

Sunday 7-24-2011
Sunday is stuff yourself silly with Alaskan Snow
Crab Legs for $33.99!

Sunday July 3, 2011
We hope everyone has a safe Independence Day
Holiday tomorrow as we all detonate small
explosive packages. Be sure to check out our
Sunday (and Thursday) Special, All You Can Eat
Alaskan Snow Crab Legs! ...pictured to the right.
Click on the image to have a closer look.  >>>>


Tuesday June 14, 2011
Got a great photo just now of baked Tilapia.
Actually, Parmesan Crusted Baked Tilapia. This
fillet in the photo to the right comes with potato
and salad for 10.99. --------------------->
Thinking about making this baked fish an all you
can eat special... we get a fair amount of calls
asking for all you can eat baked fish... just
working out the logistics evolutions to make that
happen. Feel free to use the comment box here to
send me your thoughts on the idea. Thanks!

Friday June 10, 2011
Check out the photo to the right. All you can eat
catfish. I'm partial to the whole fish but we do
have boneless fillets too... it's just the whole fish
are so good and pretty. :)
Wednesday June 1, 2011
Well, stone crab season is finished and I've got to
find a way to stop Comcast cable from running the
stone crab commercial. Was supposed to have a
meeting today with the ad rep but he never
showed. Edmund? Are you reading this?
Well, anyway, only east Fort Lauderdale folks are
seeing the TV commercial so it's not that bad.

I made a new comment box so feel free to test it
out and send in your comments.  

Got a good photo of our steamed shrimp last
night... all you can eat on Monday and Tuesday
and the steamed shrimp with drawn butter has
nearly zero carbs... pretty much you can stuff
yourself silly with no regrets. The shrimp, if you
notice, (click on the image for a larger version)
already have the shells split and the veins pulled
out. Seriously, they're good, fun and easy.

Wednesday night is all you can eat BBQ Baby
Back Ribs and Sunday and Thursdays are all you
can eat Alaskan Snow Crab Legs, so just because
stone crab season is over, remember there's still
plenty of great food at Catfish Deweys.
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