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Monday 5-23-2011
Well, Stone crab season is over and we extend
deepest appreciation to everyone that enjoyed
fresh Florida Stone Crabs this past season at
Catfish Deweys. We served 19,153.45 lbs of
Fresh Florida Stone Crabs this past season. One
guy is responsible for several hundred pounds
consumed... no need to name names; you know
who you are. And yes, of course, we look
forward to stuffing you silly again next season. ;)
Enough folks, however, have been calling for
stone crabs to make us explore the possibility of a
similar crab claw... Specifically the Jonah Crab
claw. We have a box ordered for Tuesday and
our research and development team will be seeing
just how many of these Jonah Crab Claws can be
Jonah Crabs are harvested off the coast of New
England and are served chilled, cracked and with
a mustard remoulade just like Florida Stone Crab
claws. Preliminary indications are that they would
be considerably less expensive on the menu than
stone crabs.
I'll let you know, both here and on our
page how the test shakes out. Wish us luck trying
to stuff ourselves silly with Jonah Crab Claws and
chin up fellow R&D testers...
somebody has to do
this research. :)
Wednesday 5-18-2011
Mediums and large for tonight! Fresh!
Monday 5-16-2011
As you may know, yesterday, May 15th, was the
last day of stone crab season. I wasn't sure if
anyone was fishing yesterday but just learned
someone was fishing. Those stone crab claws,
however, aren't going to be ready for delivery
today but we WILL get them tomorrow. This
means we're going to have the last of the season's
fresh stone crab claws tomorrow, Tuesday, May
Saturday 5-14-2011
As you may or may not know, we sold out of
stone crabs last night. We have more coming in for
today, but it's the end of season and they are not
as many as we started with yesterday... so clearly,
come earlier rather than later. We will be offering
medium, large and jumbos all you can eat for as
long as possible, but there will come a point - at a
time unpredictable - where we stop offering the all
you can eat.
Friday 5-13-2011
Plenty of stone crabs fresh for tonight!
Monday 5-9-2011
Expecting a good supply of mediums and large in
for today and a couple of pounds of jumbos for
single portion dinners.
Saturday 5-7-2011
Plenty of medium and large stone crabs came in
for tonight and the supply looks good for Mother's
Day, tomorrow.
Thursday 5-5-2011
We got in plenty of medium and large stone crabs
today, but for some reason jumbos are tight. It
might be Miami Beach soaking up all the jumbos,
but in any case we've leaqrned there are more in
the pipeline for Friday and supply looks good all
the way through Mother's Day!
Tuesday 5-3-2011
Just received delivery of fresh Florida stone crabs.
We have plenty of medium and large claws for all
you can eat dinners (as well as single portion
dinners) but only enough jumbos to offer single
portion dinners. In fact, I took everything they had
for jumbos and colossal but we will treat the few
pounds of colossals as jumbos. This means the
first few customers to order jumbos will really get
colossal stone crab claws.
Sunday May-1-2011
Just got in some more fresh large for tonight.
Twenty five lbs, but that's enough to open the all
you can eat button for large fresh Florida stone
crabs... while they last.
Reminder, stone crab season ends in two weeks.
Sunday May 1, 2011
We have large and jumbo for tonight available
only as one and two pound dinners.
Friday 4-29-2011
Getting a good supply of mediums, large and
jumbo stone crabs in today so we will be offering
all you can eat on all sizes as well as one and two
pound dinners. Call to make sure they've arrived if
you're coming early.
Saturday 4-23-2011
We've got more stone crabs for tonight but a
reminder... we're closed for Easter Sunday. Enjoy
the holiday; back to normal hours Monday,
11:30AM to 10:00PM.
Thursday 4-21-2011
Got in medium and large for tonight but if you're
looking for jumbo stone crabs they're coming in
tomorrow for Good Friday. Also, this Sunday is
Easter Sunday and as with the 26 Easter Sundays
before, we will be closed.
Tuesday 4-19-2011
We've got plenty of medium and large stone crabs
tonight for the all you can eat special but only
enough jumbos to do single portion dinners.
Sunday 4-17-2011
Got a better price on large and jumbos today!
Can do all you can eat on large and jumbos at a
price lower today than it was for Friday's delivery.
They had very few mediums, however, so the
mediums can sell as single portion dinners for
So far, I'm not hearing if any stone crabs are
available for Monday.      
Friday 4-15-2011
Plenty of fresh medium, large and jumbo claws
arriving today!
Tuesday 4-12-2011
We're good on medium, large and jumbo stone
crabs for tonight!
Sunday 4-10-2011
Plenty of large and jumbos for tonight, but only a
handful of mediums are available which means one
and two pound dinners only on mediums while
they last.
Saturday 4-9-2011
Sorry, the days just seem to slide by, but we are
set pretty well with medium, large and jumbo
stone crab claws for tonight.
Tuesday 4-5-2011
Plenty of medium, large and jumbo just in!
Monday 4-4-2011
We have only jumbo claws for tonight but
tomorrow we look forward to a delicvery of lots
of medium, large and jumbos.
Saturday 4-2-2011
We're getting a good supply of mediums and large
for tonight, but once again, just enough jumbos to
offer single portion dinners.
Thursday 3-31-2011
All that wind yesterday means no stone crabs
came in today. We do have a few pounds of
medium and large but they can only be put on the
menu as single portion dinners tonight... and while
they last at that.
The good news is I just spoke with the fish house
moments ago (3:20 PM) and there's a decent
enough catch today that will arrive tomorrow. That
means we will have all you can eat medium stone
crabs and all you can eat jumbo stone crabs and
single portion dinners on jumbo and colossal.
Wednesday 3-30-2011
Got in a good supply of medium and large stone
crabs for today but no jumbos.
Monday 3-28-2011
Sold  out of all stone crabs last night and unless
some kind of miracle happens, there won't be any
stone crabs for tonight. The good news is there
should be good fishing today and that translates
into lots of stone crabs for Tuesday. Will put up
any breaking news on that as we get it.
Friday 3-25-2011
Today's delivery brought plenty of medium and
large stone crabs, so we are offering the all you
can eat special. The jumbos, however, can only be
offered as one and two pound dinners because
only a few pounds were delivered.
Sunday 3-20-2011
We have a good supply of medium and large
stone crabs, all fresh!
Thursday 3-17-2011
Happy St. Patrick's Day! Get your green on and
come out for fresh Florida Stone Crabs! We got
in plenty for tonight, so there will be all you can eat
as well as single portion dinners for all three sizes.
I also just confirmed tomorrow's order too, so we
should be pretty well set all the way through
Saturday night. Sunday, we'll wait and see.( Full
moon, you kno,w on Saturday night... keep crabs
in hiding.)
Tuesday 3-15-2011
Got in a good supply of fresh medium and large
claws for tonight. They only had about 25 lbs of
jumbos, so those will be offered as one and two
pound dinners.    
Sunday 3-13-2011
Just got in a good supply of medium and large
stone crabs. A few pounds of jumbos too... I think
we will do all you can eat jumbos while they last.
the mediums and large should make it to about
9:00PM before running out.
Saturday 3-12-2011
We're doing all you can eat (as well as single
portion) dinners on medium, large and jumbo
stone crabs tonight. Can't say yet what is coming
on Sunday, will post early Sunday about supply.
Sunday 3-6-2011
I know Sundays can be a little short on stone
crabs but we do have plenty of medium and large
tonight. There's a fair amount of jumbos too, but
the all you can eat can be done only with the
medium and large.
Alaskan Opilio (snow crab) season opened
recently and right now we're seeing very good
crab legs, crisp shells, full of sweet and rich snow
crab meat and they're all you can eat on Sundays
and Thursdays!
Saturday 3-5-2011
We have a good supply on medium, large and
jumbo stone crab claws for tonight, all fresh today.

(Also, since the weather has warmed up, we're
not seeing any "stickers", a phenomenon resulting
from pulling claws in cold weather which causes
the meat to stick to the inside of the shell.)
Wednesday 3-2-2011
We received a good supply of mediums today but
only have enough large and jumbos to offer single
portion dinners.
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