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Friday 12-31-10
New Year's Eve and once again Catfish Deweys,
for the 27th New Year's Eve will be open regular
time (to 10:00PM) with regular prices for regular
folks. Happy New Year! And of course, we will
have fresh Florida stone crabs!
Wednesday 12-29-10
Mediums and large all you can eat tonight, but
come earlier, rather than later for the mediums.
BTW, yesterday morning there was frost here in
Fort Lauderdale!
Click here for a picture I took
on 12/28/10 at 8:00AM in the back yard.
Tuesday 12-28-10
addendum: Just got word the next few days of
deliveries are going to be short on mediums and
jumbos... probably, and I stress probably the large
claws will be okay. I'll keep you posted. Anyway,
we do have enough mediums for tonight... as well
as large and jumbos.
Tuesday Dec. 28, 2010
Going to be getting mediums, large and jumbos in
for tonight. Should be enough to offer all you can
eat on all three. Word is there will be a few
pounds of colossal too... call after 11:00AM
Tuesday to see if we have them.
Sunday Dec. 26, 2010
We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday
yesterday. We've got some mediums and some
jumbos for tonight, but mostly we have a good
supply of large stone crab claws. Tomorrow's
delivery should have plenty of mediums and
jumbos as well as large.
Wednesday Dec. 22, 2010
We could find large stone crabs for all you can eat
tonight, but mediums and jumbos were in short
supply so those can be offered tonight only as one
and two pound dinners. Beautiful day today, that
should make tomorrow's delivery filled with more
mediums and jumbos.
And a reminder...  as far as Christmas Eve, we
open as normal at 11:30AM but might cease
taking new tables around 8:00PM... business level
will make that decision for us Friday night. We are
closed on Christmas Day but will be open our
regular hours on Saturday the 26th.
Sunday Dec. 19, 2010
Well, we do have enough large stone crab claws
today to offer all you can eat (as well as single
portion dinners) but as far as medium and jumbo
claws, those will be offered as one and two pound
dinners only... while they last. While the ALL last,
actually. However, we do have a big delivery
coming tomorrow, Monday will bring plenty of
medium, large and jumbo claws!
Thursday Dec. 16, 2010
Got more stone crabs in today, good on all sizes
and more in the pipeline for tomorrow and Friday.
Tuesday Dec. 14, 2010
Plenty of fresh medium, large and jumbo claws for
Sunday Dec 12, 2010
We have jumbos, large and medium stone crabs
today, but come earlier rather than later. We'll be
offering the mediums and large as all you can eat
dinners as well as one and two pound dinners but
there is a chance they'll all sell out sometime
before 10:00PM tonight. Exactly when, it's hard to
Monday Dec. 6, 2010
We're set very well with today's stone crabs and
the price is down again a bit on large and jumbos.
Pretty beautiful weather out right now, 61º outside
and bright, clear, sunny skies! Going to be cold
tonight, but if you're up north reading this it's
nothing like the freeze y'all are getting, so think
about the winter paradise that awaits you in South
Florida! (Plus the stone crabs waiting for you too!
Sunday Nov. 28, 2010
We've got a fair amount of medium stone crabs
for tonight and will offer all you can eat as well as
one and two pound dinners, however no large and
no jumbos came in today. This means all we have
from yesterday's are a few pounds each of large
and jumbos which we will only offer as one and
two pound dinners while they last.
No word yet on what, if anything, will be available
for Monday.
Saturday Nov. 27, 2010
We have a good supply of medium, large and
jumbo stone crabs for tonight. I'll post tomorrow
to see what comes in for Sunday.
Monday Nov. 22, 2010
We have mediums and large today but only a few
pounds of jumbos. Tomorrow we have more
stone crabs coming in.
Just a reminder, we're not open on Thursday for
the Thanksgiving Day Holiday.     
Thursday Nov. 18, 2010
Finally! A substantial drop in prices. Stone crab
supply has begun to out strip demand, so the
prices have come down a LOT. I don't know how
long it'll last, but if you've been waiting for the
lower prices, this weekend they are here.
Tuesday Nov. 16, 2010
We're waiting on today's delivery, should be here
anytime now. When it comes, we will have plenty
of mediums, large and jumbos. Got more lined up
for tomorrow as well. Supply problems seem to
be easing, the price came down a small amount
too! I like the trend!
Sunday Nov. 14, 2010
Sorry to miss posting for an entire week... we've
got a good supply of mediums, large and jumbos
in for tonight. We will be offering all you can eat
dinners as well as one pound and two pound
Sunday Nov. 7, 2010
We've got mediums and large available as all you
can eat tonight but come earlier rather than later
because we will sell out. I've lined up a good
supply of mediums and large for Monday, but I'll
get confirmation of that in the morning.
Saturday Nov. 6, 2010
Looking good on all sizes of stone crabs for
Thursday Nov 4, 2010
Got a good amount of mediums, large and jumbos
in for tonight. Try to come a bit earlier rather than
close to closing time if you're coming for stone
crabs because it is possible they sell out.
If you're thinking about Friday, I just got off the
phone and have a good supply lined up for
Tuesday Nov. 2, 2010
We've got a good supply on large and jumbo
stone crabs for tonight, so they're going as all you
can eat dinners as well as single portion dinners
but only a few mediums came in and those will
have to stay as one and two pound dinners.
Saturday Oct. 30, 2010
We're getting a good delivery of medium, large
and jumbo claws today so we'll be doing all you
can eat as well as single portion entrees across the
A special thanks to all the guests that participated
in the Yelp video last night that was shot by Dawn
Dubriel Videography. It was a lot of fun and we
want to thank Dawn for a really excellent job
because we were pretty busy for setting up the
cameras and all.
Thursday Oct. 28, 2010
Got in plenty of medium, large and jumbos so we
are doing all you can eat as well as one & two
pound dinners tonight.
For the folks planning for Friday... no worries,
plenty are in the pipeline for arrival tomorrow.
Wednesday Oct. 27, 2010
Good enough on medium and large to do all you
can eat tonight... jumbos offered as one and two
pound dinners. No word yet on what is coming for
Tuesday Oct. 26, 2010
Just got confirmation we will be receiving plenty of
medium and plenty of large today along with some
jumbos. This means we can do all you can eat on
mediums and large but the jumbos have to plate
out as one and two pound dinners.
Sunday Oct. 24, 2010
We've got large and jumbos tonight, but come
earlier rather than later because we will sell out
before 10:00PM.
Tomorrow has large claws in the pipeline; not
many crabbers worked the weekend but I think
there will be plenty of all sizes delivered on
Saturday Oct. 23, 2010
We should have enough medium, large and jumbo
claws for tonight, but if you're looking for
mediums, come earlier, rather than later.
As for tomorrow, Sunday, I don't know what
we're getting yet... if any. I'll keep you posted.
Friday Oct. 22, 2010
I've got plenty of medium, large, jumbo and
colossal in the pipeline for today.
Monday Oct. 18, 2010
Today we got large, jumbo and colossal stone
crabs but there were no mediums. If you're
looking for mediums they should be in tomorrow,
We're trying something new, oysters on the half
shell. A dozen Texas primes for 12.95. We'll see
how it goes.
Sunday Oct. 17, 2010
Well, the good news is we have plenty of large
stone crabs today. Mediums and jumbos can only
be offered as one and two pound dinners.
But check out the picture to the right. I don't
normally talk prices of stones because they
fluctuate but
a local store is selling large
stones for more money than it would cost you
to eat a two pound dinner at Catfish
(Today's price for 2 lb dinner is
$49.00... And we include salad, baked potato,
mustard sauce and we crack them.)

Saturday October 16, 2010
Stone crabs are here! Pleanty of mediums and
large so we can offer all you can eat dinners as
well as single portion. Only a few jumbos came in
so those will be offered as one pound and two
pound dinners only.

October 12, 2010
The opening of Florida Stone Crab Season is this
Friday and we expect the first delivery of fresh
stone crab claws on Saturday, October 16.
Preliminary reports indicate the traps are not yet
filled with crabs. The fishermen are saying the ultra
clarity of the water keeps the crabs from feeling
safe to wander around. However, there's a
hurricane just off the Yucatan and as of this date
the projected path is unclear. It could impact our
area which would stir up the bottom and make the
water murky. Let's hope it doesn't wind up stirring
us up too much. Keep your fingers crossed, I'll
keep you posted.,
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