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To celebrate Louisiana
fishing beginning to return to
normal we present the
crawfish cocktail.

September 28, 2010
As I write this Tuesday evening
Tropical Depression # 16 is just on the
verge of being upgraded to a tropical
storm. It will cross Cuba later tonight
and make a run through the Florida
Straits right for us Wednesday
afternoon. It may gain strength, but at
this point in time nobody is very sure.
Our plan at the restaurant is to remain
open as long as conditions permit. We
may, however, be understaffed because
I am allowing staff to make their own
decision about staying home or not.
Tropical storms are too serious to
demand everyone must come in to
So, stay safe, but if conditions are not
too outrageous, we hope to see you in
for dinner Wednesday night.
August 3, 2010
A friend turned me on to this photo
blog that is of images by
photographers of the Farm Security
Administration/Office of War
Information. They are some of the
only color photographs taken of the
effects of the Depression on America’s
rural and small town populations. The
photographs are the property of the
Library of Congress and were included
in a 2006 exhibit Bound for Glory:
America in Color.
...Click here to see the photos...

July 30, 2010
Fresh oysters from Louisiana are back!
(We do all you can eat fried oysters on
Saturday nights) This is a good thing!