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Sunday June 13, 2010
We finally got the new ADA
bathroom  done and side room
too. Thumnails of the project
at the right. I makes the side
room more a private room that
seats about 30 We already had
my nephew's graduation party
there and it was a littel
bittersweey because later this
summer Phil Jr. leaves for the
US Army. Hoo-ah, Bub. Good
luck and keep your head down.
Friday 5-28-2010
Happy Memorial Day
Weekend to everyone. Be
sure you take some time to
meditate on the fact that this is
the weekend we remember all
those Americans who have
given their lives so we may
continue to enjoy freedom.
Of course, we at Catfish
Deweys also hope to see you
all here this weekend too!

Tuesday 5-18-2010
Fresh mediums and fresh large
just arrived! These are the last
of the stone crabs for this
season, fished out of the water
just before midnight on the
15th. First come... first served!
Sunday 5-16-2010
We sold all our stone crabs
last night but... We have stone
crabs coming this coming
Tuesday. They are medium
and large claws that were
fished late Saturday night and
the day they are scheduled to
arrive is Tuesday.
Saturday 5-15-2010
We still have some stone crabs
from yesterday's delivery.
Mediums we can do all you
can eat for most of the night.
Until what time? There's no
way to say exactly, but come
earlier rather than later is
definitely operative. As far as
large and jumbos, we're
offering them as one and two
pound dinners while they last.
It was a very unusual stone
crab season. Between the
short supply of crabs in the
ocean, the extremely cold
winter and more recently the
oil spill in the Gulf it was
unique. I sincerely thank all of
our loyal customers who hung
in there with us this past
Friday 5-14-2010
Stone crabs came in and there
should be plenty for tonight
and probably some for
tomorrow night.
Thursday 5-13-2010
Didn't get any stone crabs for
tonight but we just got word we
will get lots of mediums, lots of
large and a fair amount of
jumbos tomorrow for the
weekend. We should be good
to go with stone crabs both
Friday and Saturday, probably
good for Sunday and might still
have a few Monday.
Wednesday 5-12-2010
Just got word we will get stone
crabs this coming weekend
from our Friday source. This is
pretty solid and should bring
enough stone crabs to last the
weekend. None of the other
stone crab suppliers have
anything at all because most of
the guys are changing over to
lobster traps getting ready for
lobster season.
Tuesday 5-11-2010
Not too much luck finding
stone crabs for today. We
have literally, a hand full of
stone crabs coming today
which we will offer as one and
two pound dinners.
Friday 5-7-2010
We just got in fresh Florida
stone crabs and as we reach
the end of season more and
more of the crab fishermen
begin pulling their crab traps
for the last time this season.
This means supply might get
spotty these last few days,
however, ideally we will have a
reliable supply of fresh stone
crab claws through Tuesday
May 18th, the claws on the
18th being those fished the last
day of season, Saturday the
March-April 2010