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Saturday 5-1-2010
Mad rush for stone crabs as
we near the end of the season.
Sold completely out of 400 lbs
yesterday and am scrambling
to bring some up from the
Keys but they're going to be
more expensive than our
regular supplier. I can't tell if
this is season end demand
factor or if there's already
price speculation based on the
oil spill. Maybe it's a little of
Friday 4-30-2010
Two weeks of stone crab
season remain and we got in a
fresh load of mediums, large
and jumbos. It remains to be
seen how this oil spill in the
gulf will effect seafood in
general. For these two weeks
remaining, I don't really see a
change for stone crabs.
Unfortunately, fresh oysters,
which we do a lot of fried, are
already pushing upward in
price. All the Louisiana oyster
beds may be out of commission
for a while, which means the
much smaller beds in Florida
and Texas will be all that is
producing. It's just a tragic
situation from whatever
perspective one may be
Friday 4-23-2010
Less than 4 weeks left for
Florida stone crab season, and
though it has indeed been a
tough season to catch stone
crabs we have plenty of fresh
medium, large and jumbo claws
for tonight and more in the
pipeline for tomorrow!
Tuesday 4-20-2010
We just got in a good delivery
of fresh Florida stone crabs in
medium size, large and jumbo!
Saturday 4-17-2010
Lots of fresh Florida stone
crab claws came in for tonight,
mediums, large and jumbos.
Stone crab season ends the
15th of May so there's a good
month left to get fresh stone
Tuesday 4-13-2010
We will have fresh Florida
stone crabs tonight... fresh
medium claws, fresh large and
fresh jumbo claws.
Sunday 4-11-2010
For stone crabs today, all we
have are a few pounds of large
and a few pounds of jumbos, so
come earlier rather than later,
it's certain we will sell out
tonight. The front that's
passing through means there
may be no more until Tuesday
but I'll keep you posted.

Thursday 4-8-2010
Plenty of fresh Florida stone
crabs on hand for tonight and
more in the pipeline for
Sunday 4-4-2010
Easter Sunday! Happy Easter
everyone. We are CLOSED
on Easter Sunday. Sorry, it's
always been that way at
Catfish Deweys. When I came
in for my four hour "day-off
shift" yesterday, Tony said we
took a LOT of calls from
people looking to come for
their after church Easter
dinner and they were very sad,
even angry, that we would be
closed. Well. I know, it's
probably a real good business
day, but we're still closed on
tomorrow on our new extra
restroom! It'll be interesting to
see how this project goes.
Should be done in time for
Mother's Day... I'm keeping
my fingers crossed.
Oh, and Stone Crabs; we will
have them Monday!

Monday 3-29-2010
Yup, early this morning a small
tornado ripped through
Oakland Park. It picked up all
of Shawn's patio furniture and
dumped it out in the parking
lot. Next door, the racing fuel
station's sign blew out and
trees are down all around but
other than that, we are fine
thanks to solid concrete
Might sell out of mediums
tonight, but I think we're good
on large and jumbo stone crabs
and we have more fresh in the
pipe line coming tomorrow.
Friday 3-26-2010
Just received plenty of fresh
Florida Stone crabs for the
Friday & Saturday 3-20-2010
Set pretty well with fresh
Florida stone crabs and the
weather is still beautiful...
sunshine with natural air
conditioning. It really doesn't
get any better than March in
South Florida.

Monday 3-15-2010
This is what beautiful weather
can do... we are set up pretty
well for stone crab today.
We've got mediums, large and
Thursday 3-11-2010
We are well supplied on
mediums and pretty close to
well supplied for large and
jumbos for tonight, although
there is the chance we might
sell out later tonight. But we
have more coming tomorrow!
Sunday 3-6-2010
We have mediums, large and
jumbos today, but come earlier
rather than later, we will sell
Friday 3-5-2010
We do have a good supply
today of mediums and large...
jumbos... not so much, only a
few pounds of jumbos on
today's delivery, so jumbos will
be offered only as one and two
pound dinners.
Thursday 3-4-2010
What few stone crabs remain
from yesterday's order will go,
while they last, as one and two
pound dinners tonight. That
cold front we just saw push
through means there are none
coming today, however, there
should be plenty delivered
tomorrow, Friday, March 5th
since the weather is beautiful

Wednesday 3-3-2010
Got a small order in today of
mediums and large fished out
in front of this newest cold
front. We'll do all you can eat
as well as single portion meals
until they run out.
The front pushing through
means things don't look that
promising for Thursday, but I
will keep you posted if anyone
comes through.
Monday 3-1-2010
We have a pretty good supply
of mediums and large, but no
jumbos came in today. The
stone crab people are a  little
perplexed over the cold
weather and the effect it's
having on catching crabs.
Surely things will begin to
warm up this month and supply
problems will ease a bit.
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