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Monday 11-14-05
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Supplies of stone crabs are, for the most part, good. We are a bit short on large and
jumbos today, but that's pretty much normal for Mondays. (Good on mediums,
though). We have adequate stones of all sizes lined up for the next couple of days,
but I must remind everyone that stone crabs have been known to vanish out of the
pipeline for unknown reasons, so "adequate supplies" are only a sure thing once
they are in-house and paid for.
I've started to get applications from servers from restaurants in the area that are
still not open, or not expected to open for some time, but it's cooks I'd be
interested in. If I have any kind of opening right now it's for a cook that can work
high volume, fast pace and produce high quality plates from the grill, charbroiler,
broiler and sauté.
Christine is our new lunch manager! (As soon as she approves of a photo, I'll have
her picture up on
staff too.) She is working out well, but that's expected since she
has previous experience in running kitchens, has been a server, so she knows the
difficulties that side has, and knows our restaurant too, since she has worked here
for several years.
Shawn is planning a party for all the staff that worked here during the two weeks
we were out of power. A bond has developed between those who came in to work
during that "crisis" and I need to stay vigilant that this "brotherhood" does not
develop into a divide with those who were not here during that time. I've tried to
explain... there was no requirement to work, some had problems of their own at
home from the storm that had priority. It's a bit like infantry who have been
awarded a combat infantry badge as opposed to those that have not.
Friday 11-11-05
4:00 PM
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Happy Veteran's Day! And to all veterans, Thank YOU, and Bravo Zulu!!
We are good on Stone Crabs and other than our sign, our awning and a portion of
our deck, we are BACK TO NORMAL. Even the stop lights in the area are replaced
and working, although they are working on generators. We are so back to normal,
we're even having some people call in sick. That's when you know things are back
to normal... when people call in sick. It indicates a confidence in the whole literal
and metaphorical structure of the restaurant that it will be there when the sick call
person is well, or feels the need to work again. Almost makes me nostalgic for
those crisis weeks following the hurricane. Almost... but not quite. ;)
Wednesday 11-9-2005
2:00 PM
Posted by Dewey Jr.

STONE CRABS are in good shape for today and the next few days, we have orders
in the pipeline and they seem pretty solid at this point in time.
As normal as things seem to be, they are not really. If you are reading this from
outside the area there are a number of situations remaining from the effects of
Wilma. Many intersections still have no stop lights. Not that there's no electricity,
but the stop lights are gone. Most stores are still not fully stocked, in fact, there
are some still not even open. I went by Office Depot on US-1 yesterday and they
were not open. The Toys-R-Us across the parking lot isn't going to be open for a
while... the stone front of the building is severely damaged and the roof is probably
badly compromised. The 7-11 near my house just opened ysterday, but they have
no frozen or refridgerated items yet. The word on the street is there are several
restaurants in the area not open, and may not be re-opened for months, and some
We donated 30 pounds of  fried catfish and a 20 lb. tub of cole slaw to a block party
being held tuesday night for the Arkansas Entergy team that worked our area.
Cattleman's Meats, Winn Dixie and Albertsons also contributed. We were too busy
at the restaurant for  me to attend, but I hope it all went well.
The neighborhood where Fred, Cecile and Joe live just had power restored last
night... Thuesday, 11-8-05 @ 8:30 PM. I awoke this morning at 7:30 AM to the
sound of generators still running in my own neighborhood. That's 17 days down,
now, and still counting.
A lot of talk in town about FPL being negligent in utility pole inspections, claiming
rotted ones snapped. Personally, I've seen a lot of poles snapped, but none of those
were rotted. In fact, I've seen a concrete pole down, several aluminum poles down,
and a large steel pole down (tall enough to cross  the median and all six lanes of
Oakland Park Blvd.). The reactionary tendency to "blame FPL, and the big
corporation's greed in not maintaining the utility poles" for an emergency like this
has no answer to the question, "Well, how does that explain the aluminum, steel
and concrete poles breaking?" I suppose the desire to BLAME FPL is overpowering
to those not willing or able to think through the whole picture.
One of our regulars, Hank, works as a crain operator and has been working on
detached duty for FPL to do lifts on replacement poles. He's been working 16 hours
a day at double time. He's thinking of retiring after this mess is cleaned up. lol
Noted above was the fact we are doing pretty well, but there is still a shadow... we
have no sign. Until that is rectified, I need to find a way to put our name out there
in lights so folks not familiar with us, but looking for us can find the restaurant.
Monday 11-7-05
10:45 PM
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Things are getting back to normal here, but there's several employees who still
have no power at home. I got power at home yesterday, but still no cable for
broadband internet. That means photos will have to wait a while. Soon, I hope.
Stone crabs are doing well, though today all we could get in were large. For
Tuesday, Nov. 8th, I'm expecting mediums, large and jumbos, but as always, with
stone crabs, we will know what we get when they actually arrive.
Sunday 11-6-05
10:30 AM
Posted by Dewey Jr.
Opened at 4:00 PM yesterday at 95% normal. On such short notice, very few stone
crabs were available, and our favorite butcher shop is not yet up and running, so no
steaks. Our only dessert was chocolate cake, but all in all it was a very good night.
And today... HOE-DOWN!!! Hard to believe, just 48 hours ago we were without
electric and had no clear knowledge of when it would be restored... and then just
like that... back to almost-normal. Regular normal can't be far, and we will
celebrate a whole list of blessings tonight at this 1st-post-Wilma Country Hoe
Friday 11-4-05
10:00 PM
Posted by Dewey Jr.
At 6:00 PM a crushing weight was lifted. Poer was restored. An FPL crew from
Jacksonville Fla. and a team from Jacksonville North Carolina, and a team from
Little Rock Arkansas restored power to the neighborhood around Catfish Deweys.
They actually got it back around 2:00 PM but it went back out at 3:30 PM. Sue and
Christine went out looking for them...  and found them about 4 miles away. They
came back over and by 6:00 PM had cleared the problem.  Very nice guys, and we
owe those crews free dinner tomorrow night. That's right... we are back to normal
Saturday, November 5th, 2005... a full 12 days with no power... but we are back in
operation Satuday, Novemeber 5th at 90 % normal. I say 90% because some items
may not be available on such short notice.
The frustraing part was to have power back at 2:00 PM and then sit stupified as it
all vanished at 3:30. Joe had already called in a huge order for Saturday and was
looking at me. I said... well, it's probably a downed wire or something, and as soon
as they fix it we'll be back on line... let the order stand. Sue and Christine were not
willing to sit passively and wait... they took off in Sue's truck and sweet talked
those boys into fixing the problem. When the power was finally back on at 6:00 PM
you could hear people all up and down 40th street cheering. It was quite a moment,
and some people were wiping tears away. It's interesting to think how dependent
we are on electricity.
In fact, in the days following the hurricane, there was really only one part of the
infrastructure still working, albeit precariously, and that was the automobile.
Public transportation was not working and the only way to get around further than
one could walk was by car. The icon of Americana... the automobile was the key to
keeping our economic heart still beating long enough for Broward to come back to
STONE CRABS.... well, they're ordered for Saturday, but we will see what comes
in. Stone Crab fishermen have taken a pretty big hit too, so it's going to be a few
days to figure out how they're going to shake out.
More on stone crabs tomorrow.
Thursday 11-3-05
2:00 PM
Posted by Dewey Jr.

Still no power. FPL moved up the date for full power restoration in Broward to
November 11th. Another week of this? Well, it's a good time to recarpet, anyway.
Last time carpet was installed was 1996. Tomorrow at 9:00 AM I have a meeting
with a carpet rep to look at samples and show him around for measurements. Some
carpets have to be ordered, so new carpet may not happen for a couple of weeks,
but I'm hoping there's something in stock that's suitable and can be done while the
power is out.
Haydn, Tracy and Lauren are repainting the ladies room. They always hated the
psychedelic colors in there so I brought a lavender, a pink and a beige and said,
"now's your chance!" :) So they're painting.
Chris is replacing the light fixtures that were along the fence that came down and
it's a mild, sunny day. Already, I get the sense that what has happened in Ft.
Lauderdale is fading from the national scene. Over a quarter million in Broward
still without power. For those that do, there seems to be a feeling of guilt, and they
offer to do laudry, cook dinners and so forth for those still waiting.
Things, though, are far from normal. Wendy's had no fries last night, so they
included a chili with the burger instead. There was no lettuce or tomato for the
burger, but there was cheese. If Barnes & Noble has power (which I don't think
they do) I'm going to hang out there tonight from about 7:00 until 10:00 and bask
in the cool radience of central air conditioning and incandescent lighting and
READ! I may even have a frapachino....
Wednesday 11-2-05
12:30 PM
Posted by Dewey Jr.

We had a real downpour last night after the last posting. We found a big tear in the
top-top roof over the apartments... Shawn's specifically. Went up in the rain and
found about 100 square feet of exposed concrete roof and the water was pouring in
through the joints where one prefab concrete roof section meets the other. Joe had
an extra tarp we put on last night and today we bulled all the joints this morning.
Also saw next door chiropractor's roof... part of his peeled too. Still, we are in way
better shape than lots of folks who have wood framed roofs rather than the
parking-lot levels sections that this building is made from. Some of those buildings
have been ruled unsafe and evacuated.
No sign of electric being restored. They are still focusing on grids with schools. No
school at all this week, but maybe next Monday. If they can meet that goal, then
more assets will be allocated for restoring our power.
Chris finished replacing our fence out back, sans gate, but the new wood looks
great. A sanding and some spar varnish and it'll be better than new.
Tuesday 11-1-05
4:00 PM
Posted by Dewey Jr.
We finished the roof over the side room, today.  Looks pretty good, and is a good
thing since it's raining now. Probably tonight and tomorrow as well. Still no electric.
Lloyd's called. They are covering no losses resulting from Wilma, including our
sign. That is up to the wind policy by Citizen's. Only thing is, the deductable is 20
Darcy came and picked up my dirty laundry, since her electric has been restored.
Three cheers for Darcy! Yeah! Darcy! Yeah! Darcy! Yeah! Darcy! HooYAH!
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