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Sunday 2-28-2010
We are well supplied today
with mediums, large and
Thursday 2-25-2010
We received plenty of
medium, large and jumbo
stone crabs today and have
more in the pipeline for
tomorrow. Sorry to miss a
few days... been pretty busy
here. Don't forget, even
though we don't take
reservations, we do take
call aheads. Call ahead
means when you're getting
ready to come here give us
a call and we'll put your
name on the waiting list at
that point in time. Then,
when you arrive 30 or 40
minutes later, your name
should be near the top. Just
walk in and say, "How is
the wait now for the (insert
your name here) party
coming along... that way, all
the folks who DON'T read
this blog won't be upset by
you seemingly skipping
right past them in line.

Sunday 2-21-2010
Got mediums stone crabs in
today. Suddenly, it's not
difficult to find top quality
mediums but large and
jumbos... not there right
Saturday 2-20-2010
Just had to refuse a load of
large and jumbo stone
crabs. They were
previously frozen. This
means we will only have all
you can eat on mediums,
(which, interestingly, were
fine, ie. never frozen). We'll
be offering the large and
jumbos left from
yesterday's delivery as one
and two pound dinners
while they last.

Thursday 2-18-2010
Despite this persistent cold
weather we got in more
claws for tonight. These
should last most of the
night, but to be certain, if
you're coming for stone
crabs please don't wait until
the latter part of the
I do have stone crabs lined
up for tomorrow, I just don't
know yet what's actually
going to arrive. I'll let you
know in the morning.

Monday 2-15-2010
Wow, record setting day
yesterday! We sold out of
all stone crabs. We did just
receive fresh mediums and
fresh large and there's
more plus jumbos in the
pipeline for tomorrow.
Price is down a tad. Let's
hope that becomes a trend!

Sunday 2-14-2010
Happy Valentine's Day! :)
We've got a delivery of
stone crabs today that will
mean all you can eat
dinners on mediums and
large plus one pound and
two pound dinners on
jumbos, large and mediums.
It will be busy today, so be
sure to call when you leave
the house to get your name
on the waiting list.

Tuesday 2-9-2010
Have more fresh mediums,
large and jumbos in today.

Thursday 2-4-2010
Got in a fair amount of
medium, large and jumbos
for tonight. We also have
more of all of them lined up
for tomorrow and
supposedly more in the
pipeline for Saturday and
Speaking of Sunday, it's
Super Bowl Sunday. That
means we are not very busy
on Super Bowl Sunday. 25
Super Bowls for us tells me
number 26 won't be that
busy either but we do have
a large flat screen TV at
the bar and enough seats
for a dozen people to enjoy
crabs and Super Bowl at
the bar, first come, first
serve of course. Can't
reserve bar seats.

Tuesday 2-2-2010
Just got in a good amount
of medium and large stone
crabs. We will be offering
all you can eat as well as
one and two pound dinners.

Sunday 1-31-2010
Sold out of stone crabs
Sunday night. Don't know
what is coming for Monday,
more likely we'll see more
stone crabs Tuesday.

Friday 1-29-2010
Just got plenty of mediums,
large and a few jumbos in.
That means we're offering
all you can eat dinners on
mediums and large and
one/two pound dinners for
them all.
Warm weather's back...
sunny and 74 out there at
noon right now. Time to go
out and sit in the sun and
read for a while.
See y'all tonight! :)

Thursday 1-28-2010
We are going to have all
you can eat mediums and
all you can eat large today.
Thankfully, the weather has
been a bit warmer and
there are
some stone crabs
each day.

Monday 1-25-2010
We have mediums and
large available as one and
two pound dinners... still
waiting on word for
tomorrow's delivery.

Friday 1-22-2010
We got in mediums and
large today and should
have enough to offer all you
can eat as well as one and
two pound dinners for
mediums and large.

Wednesday 1-20-2010
We are getting more stone
crabs in today, but they're
still scarce and the jumbos
aren't in today's load at all.
Interesting article in the
Miami Herald about the
effects of the cold weather
that some think is affecting
the supply of stone crabs as
"But even denizens of the deeper,
warmer waters of Biscayne Bay and
the Atlantic Ocean didn't escape the
cold, said Jerry Ault, professor of
marine biology and fisheries at the
University of Miami's Rosenstiel
School, who oversees annual counts
of bonefish and reef fish.

His research staff collected about 200
bonefish from the Florida Keys, he
said. ``It wasn't just bonefish. It was
grunt, snapper, pilchards, moray eel.
When the water temperature drops
below 50 degrees, that's reasonably
lethal for most of these species.''

The duration of the cold and high
winds worsened things, Ault said,
pushing colder, heavier waters off
shallow flats into deeper channels
where fish typically seek warm refuge.
``Even the channels became a tomb,''
he said"
Link to Herald.

Tuesday 1-19-2010
Just received a good
amount of medium and
large stone crab claws so
we are offering them as all
you can eat specials as well
as one and two pound
Monday night addendum:
We're sold out tonight of
stone crabs bu I just got
word we should be getting a
good size delivery
tomorrow on mediums and
large. Stay tuned... check in
tomorrow for confirmation.
they have been known to
vanish mid-shipment.

Monday 1-18-2010
I am still waiting on what
stone crabs, if any, will be
coming tomorrow, Tuesday.
When I hear, I will let
everyone know here. Until
then, I hope everyone
enjoys the holiday today,
Martin Luther King Jr.
Day and stops by tonight to
order our all you can eat
shrimp special for $16.95

Sunday 1-17-2010
All we are going to have for
stone crabs tonight are one
and two pound dinners on
mediums, large and jumbos
on a first come basis. No
stone crabs came in today.
These claws are what
remain from Saturday's
delivery and it looks like
there will be nothing for
Monday based on this front
passing through.
The good news is we have
plenty on Alaskan snow
crab Legs for our regular
Sunday special; all you can
eat for $26.95.

Thursday 1-14-2010
We have a good supply of
mediums just in, a fair
amount of large and a few
jumbos. We will be offering
all you can eat on the
mediums and the large (as
well as one and two pound
dinners), but the jumbos will
be offered only as one and
two pound dinners.

Wednesday 1-13-2010
Got fresh stone crab claws
coming this morning. We'll
be doing mediums and large
as all you can eat as well as
one and two pound dinners.
We also have a few pounds
of jumbos that will go as
one and two pound dinners
only. There's actually 2.75
lbs of colossal claws that
came taking "everything"
which I'm just going to mix
in with those jumbos
Wish we had more because
we took everything this
most reliable fish house had
and still have no word from
anyone else on more for
tomorrow or Friday. I'll
keep you posted here.

Tuesday 1-12-2010
Still no stone crabs for
today but today is a bit
warmer and the winds seem
calm so maybe Wednesday.
I'll keep you posted.
We are offering the
Sunday/Thursday Alaskan
Snow crab Legs all you can
eat special tonight for
$27.95 since we
have no Florida Stone crabs.
Sunday 1-10-2010
Essentially, no stone crabs
because of this cold
It's cold.
It's not that Floridians have
a problem with the cold.
Indeed, anyone who resides
for a time in Florida's
tropical heat (I know, it's
sub tropic for you detail
freaks, but the actual
climate due to ocean
currents and trade winds is
more tropical)  begins to
crave the cooler weather by
the end of June. As
September ends and
October begins we all watch
the weather patterns
closely for that first cool
front, hoping it will push
down far enough for cooler
weather to prevail for a

All locals who weathered
Hurricane Wilma recall
waking that morning to a 60
degree cool front, a 28
degree drop in temperature
which helped for a day or
two to mitigate the power
outage and the consequent
lack of air conditioning.

Certainly, we all generally
revel in the cooler weather
for the day or two a cool
snap lasts. Favorite
sweaters have a chance to
be worn and the power
hungry central air units
take a break as windows
open to allow fresh, natural
air conditioning. Cooking
out and eating a nice dinner
on the back deck is a
pleasure rather than a cycle
of dips into the pool to cool
down. The air is clear and
crisp with our magnificent
star shining warmth down
through clear azure sky.

When a really strong cool
front settles over south
Florida, many natives old
enough to recall the
January 19th, 1977 snow
day in Fort Lauderdale
wonder if they will live to
see another such snow
event and regale one
another with tales of surfing
the early morning swell off
Boca Beach as snow flakes
began to drift around the
hardy surfer fleet formation
waiting for the next set.

No, it's not that Floridians
are cold weather wussies,
but rather more that we
know very well the pattern
of cold spells and note with
interest how so many
accept the counterintuitive
phenomenon of global
warming producing icing
conditions in tropical areas
that probably haven't seen
such weather patterns since
the Pleistocene.

Saturday 1-9-2010
Sorry to report no stone
crabs came in today and
none are expected
tomorrow. If you live down
here you know the weather
is pretty cold. There's a
handful of mediums, large
and jumbos left from
yesterday that we';; offer
as one and two pound
dinners while they last.

Friday 1-8-2010
Only a few mediums and a
hand full of large and
jumbos are in for today. We
will have all you can eat on
the mediums, but only
single portion dinners for
the large and jumbos.
It's the cold, this intense
cold keeps many crabbers
from going out.

Thursday 1-7-2010
We have a good supply on
mediums and large for
today but the jumbos will
have to stay as one and two
pound dinners.
For blog readers, ask for
Joe, the manager on duty
tonight, and he will evaluate
on a case by case basis
whether enough jumbos
remain to do an all you can
eat dinner.

Tuesday 1-5-2010
The stone crab truck should
arrive sometime before
noon today. I took
everything they had which
means we will have plenty
of mediums to do all you
can eat as well as one and
two pound dinners.
A few pounds of large,
jumbos and a hand full of
colossal claws will be
offered as single portion
meals while they last.

Monday 1-4-2010
Just got word there's stone
crabs being brought into to
the docks late tonight and
should be in our kitchen
Tuesday morning. The
grading, weighing and icing
down haven't happened yet
so we don't know exactly
what is coming but we are
taking all they can bring.
...more later...
Sunday January 3, 2010
Sorry to say we sold out of
all stone crabs last night
and it doesn't look like
anyone has anything for us
today. Still, it was a
fantastic New Year's
weekend and a great start
to 2010.
By the way, I've decided to
say twenty-ten rather than
two thousand ten.
Twenty ten, twenty ten,
twenty ten... come on,
practice with me...
Friday bartenders,
Chris and Lauren.
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