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Friday 1-1-2010
Happy New Year!
Tony is whipping up a big
batch of black eye peas with
hog jowls... so if you want to
start the year off with the best
good luck charm this side of
the Mason Dixon Line, come
on in and get yours!
We've got all you can eat
stone crabs in the medium
size today, all the other sizes
in one and two pound dinners
while they last.

Thursday 12-31-2009
New year's Eve
Got word late Wednesday
night a truckload of stone
crabs is coming from the west
coast of Florida.
We will be
doing mediums and large
as all you can eat dinners
on New Year's Eve! (
addition to single portion
dinners.) The hand full of
jumbos on board will be
enough to only do the one and
two pound dinners.

***Tuesday night, 10:00PM
Looks like we'll have a hand
full of each size of stone crabs
coming in Wednesday, I'll
confirm that in the morning
but the GOOD news is...
..the BREAKING NEWS is...
... Tentatively...
we're going to get a big
delivery for New Year's Eve!!!
(Tentative Yaay here)
I'll know more in the AM...
look for my post Wednesday

Tuesday 12-29-2009
Just got in mediums, large
and a handful of jumbos but
even with all of that we only
have enough stone crabs to do
one and two pound dinners on
a first come basis.
Still working on more for

Monday 12-28-2009
Well, we did manage to obtain
a handful of stone crabs
today, but they will go fast as
one and two pound dinners, so
come early.
As for tomorrow, Tuesday
12/29/09 I just got word from
our main supplier a small
batch of crabs was caught
early this morning and we
should have them in house
tomorrow as one and two
pound dinners. Nobody else
has any, period.
I know everyone is having a
hard time finding stone crabs,
from the fisherman to the fish
house to the restaurant and
on down to the consumer. We
are doing the best we can do.
I wish it was a better crab
season. I will keep you posted.

Sunday 12-27-2009
We're getting close to the end
of the year and it looks like
an already difficult stone crab
season is going to get even
more difficult.
We did not get any in for
today and it looks like there
won't be any available for
Monday. This means all we
have for tonight is what is left
from yesterday's delivery and
those stone crabs will go fast
as one and two pound dinners
for mediums, large and
jumbos. It's hard to say how
long they'll last but come
earlier, rather than later.

Saturday 12-26-2009
All right! We got more stone
crab claws in today! Didn't get
all we asked for, so they may
be enough only for tonight and
nobody is promising anything
for Sunday (I'll keep you
posted on that) but we got
enough to do single portion
dinners and all you can eat
dinners on mediums, large
and jumbos!
As always, the possibility
exists we will sell completely
out before closing, so there
are no promises to dawdlers. :)
Hope everyone enjoyed a
Merry Christmas holiday
yesterday and I KNOW we
are all looking forward to a
safe and happy New Year and
a prosperous 2010.

Tuesday 12-22-2009
We did sell out of all sizes of
stone crabs last night but we
did get more in today! We will
have all you can eat on
mediums and large and single
portion dinners on mediums,
large AND jumbos!

Monday 12-21-2009
Getting close to Christmas!
We are closed on Christmas
Day. On Thursday, December
24th, Christmas Eve, we will
be open until 8:00PM.
Stone Crabs:
Got mediums in today, but
they'll go fast, so come earlier.
Got a standing order for
tomorrow to buy everything
we can get hold of, but don't
know yet how much that
actually translates into. It's
been a tough stone crab
season, a constant struggle to
get enough claws. They say
the crabs just aren't out there
in the numbers seen in
previous seasons. But we are
not giving up. I'll let you know
what we've been able to

Tuesday 12-15-2009
Got more mediums in  today
but no large or jumbos,
although there are a few
pounds of large and jumbo
claws from yesterday's
delivery which will be offered
as single potion dinners
tonight only.
We expect a fresh delivery
Wednesday morning of large
and jumbo as well as more
Monday 12-14-2009
Ditto yesterday. Got more
claws in fresh today.
Sunday 12-13-2009
Got more stone crabs in
today, fresh and ready to go.
Jumbos may sell out before
closing, so come earlier,
rather than later for jumbos.

Friday 12-11-2009
We got plenty of mediums in
today, a fair amount of large
and the only jumbos we have
are the 20 lbs left form
yesterday's delivery. This
means no all you can eat on
the jumbos tonight and come
earlier, rather than later for
all you can eat large.

Thursday 12-10-2009
Plenty of fresh mediums,
large and jumbos in for
... a small verse...

Get Your Florida On
The sun is hot and the water's
People are crazy is what I hear
Sanity seems forever gone
I think I'll get my Florida on.

Tuesday 12-8-2009
Just got in fresh mediums and
large from the Keys and we
will do all you can eat dinners
as well as single portion
dinners on stone crab claws
Sunday 12-6-2009
Just got in the stone crabs.
Mediums are all you can eat!
Sunday 12-6-2009 hour later...
Just got a call from one stout
soul who went out last night
and has some stone crabs, so
it looks like we'll be okay.
Once they are actually in
house, I will confirm.
Sunday 12-6-2009
I am afraid this cold front has
made stone crabs rather
scarce for today and probably
for Monday as well. We do
have some mediums and some
jumbos left from yesterday's
delivery, but they will be
offered as single portion
dinners tonight and will
probably sell out at some
unpredictable point.
On the bright side, the snow
crab special for Sunday; "all
you can eat Alaskan Snow
Crab Legs for $26.95" is a go
AND... the weather is perfect!
I'll see you all there tonight!
Saturday 12-5-2009
Managed to find more stone
crab claws for today. this front
passing through may make it
difficult to find claws the next
few days, but we're working it
and I'll keep you posted here!
Friday 12-4-2009
We are pretty well supplied
for tonight with fresh Florida
Stone Crab Claws: mediums,
large and jumbos. There is
some question about
availability for Saturday and
Sunday because of the
weather this front is bringing,
but I will let you know here as
soon as I know.
Tuesday December 1, 2009
Stone crabs are getting a bit
tough to get but we got plenty
of medium and large claws in
today, plus some jumbos. This
means we're able to do the all
you can eat special on
mediums and large in addition
to one and two pound dinners,
but the jumbos can only be
offered as one and two pound