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August 28, 2009

Sammy and Bill, a couple of our
regulars, just mentioned to me
they didn't know we offer all of
our nightly all you can eat
specials on any night... for just
one dollar more that what the
special sells for on its designated

For example, they love the
Sunday/Thursday special, all you
can eat large Alaskan Snow crab
legs for $26.95. They just learned
they can order them on any of
the other nights for $27.95.

They asked why didn't more
people know about this, and it
occurred to me, it's a rather
complicated thing to try to
explain, as you can see here, it
took me three paragraphs and it
still may not be clear, so I asked
Haydn to do a video and explain
the program. It's on the right.
Monday September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day! Just got off
the phone with our main stone
crab supplier and there is a
good chance we will have stone
crabs October 16th so I made a
countdown clock for that date so
we can all keep an eye on its
approach. Hooya!
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

It occurred to me that a TV
commercial we've been airing
since 2001 hasn't been seen by
a lot of folks. We air it via
Comcast cable in the East Fort
Lauderdale region so unless
you use Comcast cable and live
in East Fort Lauderdale you will
never see it. Oh, and you need
to be watching Fox News, ESPN
or AMC. It may float around on
some other cable channels, but
I think those are the primary

It costs about the same as the
Sun Sentinel ad. And people are
wondering why newsprint is
dying? Funny...
Countdown clock disabled, stone
crab season is here!
Sat Oct. 17, 2009
Sold out of all our claws (420
lbs) last night. More in today,
but this cold front pushing
through shorted us badly on
mediums, so we can only do
one and two lb dinners... no all
you can eat on mediums.
Got shorted a little bit on large
and jumbos, but they are going
as all you can eat dinners as
well as one and two pound and
they should last until 9:00PM
or so.
This means come earlier,
rather than later.
Sunday's delivery is still just a
promise. If I could get more on
any one load, believe me, I
would. ...But that's stone crabs.

Tuesday 11-24-2009
Just got in a good amount of
mediums and large. jumbos...
enough to do single portion
dinners, but the mediums and
large can go for all you can eat
as well as single portion.
Friday 11-20-2009
Ditto Tuesday below. Yay!
Tuesday 11-17-2009
Yay! Got in plenty of fresh
mediums, large and jumbos
Monday 11-16-2009
Only got in enough large and
mediums to do single portion
dinners and they will go fairly
quickly. Jumbos are plentiful
enough to do all you can eat.
Sunday 11-15-2009
Pretty well set on mediums,
large AND jumbos for today!
A little reminder as well...
today is also all you can eat
Alaskan Snow crab Legs so if
you order any of the all you
can eat stone crab dinners you
can have your server bring you
snow crab legs too! The
steaming hot snow crab legs
make a great counterpoint to
the chilled Florida Stone Crab
Claws. (
Thursdays are snow
crab nights too.)

Friday 11-13-09
We've got plenty of mediums
and large, enough for all you
can eat as well as single
portion meals but only enough
jumbos to do the single portion
dinners. More in the pipeline
for Saturday.
Tuesday 11-10-2009
Happy to report we do have
some mediums and jumbos
coming up from the Keys
today! (Along the way,
somebody else snapped up all
the large) Though the amount
is probably not enough to get
through the entire night
tonight, we will offer the
mediums and jumbos as all you
can eat dinners tonight. But
come earlier.
Still optimistic about
tomorrow's delivery of stone
crabs from the west coast of
Florida... should have all sizes

Monday 11-9-2009
Well, all efforts to obtain a full
stone crab order for today
have not panned out very well.
The reason is all the wind. If
you live around here you know
what I'm talking about.
I am sorry for those who called
today and were misinformed,
but this morning we were
working on the presumption all
the stone crabs we asked for
were really coming in.
Unfortunately, they all didn't.
I have enough jumbos to do all
you can eat, but only a few
mediums and large came in so
those are offered as one and
two pound dinners only.
So far tomorrow looks just as
bad, but Wednesday we will
probably have plenty all across
the board.

Saturday 10-31-2009
Happy Halloween! We got
plenty of stone crabs in today!
Mediums, large and jumbos for
all you trick-or-treaters!
Sunday 10-25-2008
We have plenty of mediums,
large and jumbo stone crabs
for today!
Tuesday 10-20-2009
Received more stone crab
claws today, we should be good
to closing time... or pretty
close to closing. We have more
already in the pipeline for
Wednesday so unless
something bad happens the
next update will be for
Thursday status.
_____Monday 10-19-2009
Just received a large delivery
of stone crabs, all fresh. We've
got mediums, large and jumbos
ready for all you can eat as
well as one pound and two
pound dinners.
(***2:45 PM and still no
Sun. Oct. 18, 2009

Sold out of stone crabs again
last night.
I know, it seems like I should
buy more at any one time but I
can only store 500 lbs at a
time. There's just no more
room to hold more even if
more were available at any one
time. So we sold all 400 lbs
from yesterday which was all
that was to be had.
They DID promise 300 lbs for
today, but as of yet, "they"
are not answering cell phones
or text messages to let me
know if that promise is going to
be kept.
My promise is: I will post here
the moment I know if a truck
full of stone crab claws is
coming today.
I wish it was easier but this
cold front that just pushed
through is not going to help
make any stone crabbing