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Sunday 5-24-2009
Let's all take a moment to recognize
the sacrifice of those who have fallen
in battle preserving our freedoms. It
was once called Decoration Day but
today we know this day as Memorial
Day. Pick up a copy of "
Chance" and watch it.
On a cheerier note, Kris, one of our
regulars just sent a camera pic she
took of one of our stone crab claws
she had while I was at Westover AF
Base this past weekend. It was one
of the last claws of the season and
one of the largest I've ever seen....
that claw is sitting on a 12 inch
platter. Wow! Sorry to tease y'all
like that, but this is a seriously large
Friday 5-22-2009
Stone crab season is over and we
gave away the last few pounds to the
staff this past Monday. Overall, it
was an interesting season with the
economy helping to drive demand
down which led to lower price levels
on stone crabs.
On the bright side, now that the long
wait lines are over we are able to do
most of the all you can eat specials
on nights other than the special night
for just a dollar more. For example,
the Alaskan Snow Crab Legs all you
can eat special on Sundays and
Thursdays for $26.95 can be ordered
on other nights for $27.95.
And on the home front, that April
Fool Iguana won't go away.

Friday 5-15-2009
The stone crab season ends today.
We have a good supply of mediums,
large and jumbos for tonight and our
last delivery is scheduled for
tomorrow, Saturday the 16th so we
should be set up well for Saturday
and on Sunday we will likely sell the
last of this season's claws. Prices are
still at decade low levels. I'll
personally be out of town for this
weekend but Chris, Joe and Tony
should be fine seeing everyone
enjoys the last of this season's claws.
Stone crab season opens again later
this fall in mid October.
Wednesday 5-13-09
Just got word fresh and GOOD
claws are on the road and should be
coming in the back door by 7 PM
Wednesday 5-13-09
I just had to turn the stone crabs
away. They were not good. I'm sorry.
I'll let you know if I can find more for
Thursday or Friday.
Wednesday 5-13-09
Looks like all we can get today and
tomorrow are large claws. The end of
stone crab season seems to be
almost as crazy as the beginning. It's
a shame more crab fishermen pulled
traps in but I do have on guy fishing
today and that means he brings
those claws on Friday. I'm taking as
much as he can catch but I don't
know how plentiful that will be until I
see delivery on Friday. I'll keep y'all
Tuesday 5-12-09
Just got word we will get fresh stone
crab claws later this morning. We're
not going to be getting all that we
asked for, but enough to let us make
most of tonight.
That means... try to come earlier,
rather than later if it's stone crabs
you seek.
Monday night 9:15 PM 5-11-09
Sold out of them again. Looking for
more to come on Tuesday, but once
again, all of it depends on who's still
fishing. I'll post here in the morning
with the results.
Monday 5-11-2009
We got in some very fresh and
excellent medium and large stone
crab claws this morning! The
mediums are all you can eat for $30
and the large for $48. These prices
haven't been seen in a decade.
Sunday 5-10-2009


We are rocking for Mother's Day.
It's 5:00 PM right now and I just got
a second's breathing room to let you
all know we most likely will sell out
of stone crabs tonight. What comes
in Monday is going to be a question
mark. The weather was beautiful, as
you know, but on the other hand the
crab fishermen have mother's too so
they may have taken Sunday off. I'll
know more in the morning.
Monday 5-4-2009
Just got confirmation plenty of large
and plenty of jumbos on the way to
us. Only half of what we desired on
the mediums, but should be enough
to open the "all-you-can-eat" button
on the computer... at least for most
of the night.
Regarding Mother's Day this
Sunday coming; we are open for
lunch on Sundays now... just a
reminder. We are also getting a lot
of questions about reservations and
here's the answer: Our normal policy
stays in effect; we take reservations
for large groups of ten or more.
Smaller groups seeking to avoid a
long wait should call the front desk
(954-566-5333) and the host will add
you to the wait list. That way, when
you arrive your name will be much
closer to the top of the list, perhaps
even next.
Sunday 5-3-2009
Sold out of stone crabs tonight. I of
course have orders out there for
Monday delivery but there's no way
to know what gets filled talking to an
answering machine. The answering
machine could mean out fishing for
stone crabs. Or it could mean passed
out asleep. I'll know by 10:00AM
tomorrow and will note success or
failure here.
Saturday 4-25-2009
The stone crab season is winding
down and we are seeing prices begin
to drop even more. Today's delivery
sees pricing that goes back almost
ten years.
We also are now receiving some
very nice cold water cod fillets which
is a new addition to our
fresh catch
The cod and the mahi can be ordered
now in half size orders. For example,
the 14 ounce cod dinner is 17.95 and
the half order is 11.95.
Thursday April 23, 2009
We are still getting excellent stone
crab claws fresh daily and the long
lines from the busy season are gone.
We are having our parking lot paved
and sealed today, but the impact on
parking should be minimal... indeed,  
much less impact than the
construction road/sewer project on
Andrews Avenue between Prospect
Road and Commercial Blvd. is going
to be. That project looks like it's
going to keep access from
Commercial Blvd to here closed until
August so if you're coming here
you're going to want to use Oakland
Park Blvd. Call us at 954-566-5333
for specific directions.
Thursday April 9, 2009
This coming Sunday is Easter
Sunday, and though I realize it's
probably a big day for restaurants,
once again we will be closed for
We are, however, open regular hours
on all days bracketing Easter
Sunday and we are well stocked on
Stone Crab claws.
Wednesday April 1, 2009

We are well set on stone crabs
tonight, tomorrow, Friday and
Saturday. Sunday too if all goes as
planned, so as the season winds
down the crowds are thinning and the
locals should get tables with little

And it was April Fool's Day. I
thought I got through the day with
nobody fooling me... but I was wrong.

Happy April Fool's Day from an
iguana in Julie's garden.

No kidding. Here are the photos I

I was watering her garden and saw
this long tail hanging from a flower
basket. At first i thought it was a
snake and knew Julie would just  
freak but on closer examination it
turns out to be one of those big
iguanas than are running unchecked
all over South Florida. I have been
noticing hawks lately... not those
turkey vultures, but hawks... maybe
they are hunting iguana.
Feb.-March 2009