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Friday March 27, 2009
We're well stocked on medium and
large claws for tonight but jumbo
claws are restricted to single portion
dinners. The Saturday delivery guy
promises plenty of all sizes for
Saturday and Sunday.
Sunday March 22, 2009
Pretty much sold out of stone crabs
last night but we got in a good
amount of mediums and large claws
today. Sorry... we could find no
jumbos, but then again, it is Sunday.
Saturday March 14, 2009
Good news! Today the prices were a
bit lower on the delivery of stone
crabs so I have reduced the plate
prices as well. Whether or not this is
simply an artifact of the nice weather
we've been enjoying is hard to say,
but we like the trend.
Thursday March 12, 2009
Pretty well fixed for stone crabs
tonight. We should be good for
Friday as well, although there are
some hints he may not bring as many
jumbos as I like.
Sunday March 1st, 2009
We got in plenty of mediums today, a
fair amount of large but not as many
jumbos as I thought. While the all
you can eat should make the end of
the night on the large and mediums,
you may want to come earlier rather
than later if you're looking for the all
you can eat jumbos.
Thursday February 26, 2009
We are well stocked on stone crabs
for tonight. Things look promising
for tomorrow's delivery too as well
as Saturday.
Monday February 23, 2009
Just got in a handful each of
mediums, large and jumbos. We will
do them as single portion dinners
until they sell out.
We have more lines in the water for
tomorrow. I'll let you know Tuesday
morning how well they fair.
Sunday (near closing) 2-22-2009
Sold out of everything tonight. I have
several orders for tomorrow, but
frankly if anything comes through
and actually gets delivered I'll be
surprised. I'll post here in the
morning with the news, be it good or
Sunday February 22, 2009
We're good on mediums today so
we'll be doing all you can eat on the
mediums. However on large we have
to limit dinner offerings to single
portions and on jumbos we only got a
handful in for today and they won't
last long.
Friday February 20, 2009
Halfway through dinner, ~~6:55PM
All I have at this point is single
portion mediums and jumbos. We will
sell out of everything that came in
You might think I should buy more.
Well, I am ordering more, it's just
not everything ordered is coming in.
The delivery tomorrow (Saturday)
should get us through the night, but
again, we will know what comes in
when we are weighing the boxes.
We spoke earlier about how the
lower prices drove many crabbers
out of business. Combine that with
these cold fronts that keep the seas
rough and demand is far outstripping
I wish i had better news right now.
Friday February 20, 2009
Very hard to find stone crabs. We
are getting some in today though.
We will have all you can eat on
mediums and single portion dinners
on jumbos. No large came in,
although we are waiting on a second,
less reliable source which may
change things.
Wednesday February 18, 2009
We got stone crabs in today. We
have plenty of mediums and will be
doing all you can eat dinners on
them. However, on large and jumbos
they did not send enough to do all
you can eat so those are offered only
as single portion meals. Because of
that, I also snapped up the handful of
colossal claws they had so we have a
few of those tonight as well.
How Thursday and Friday shake out
I can't tell, but will keep you posted
as I learn what will be.
February 16, 2009
President's day is going crazy here.
It's 8:30 PM and we still have a wait.
I just got off the phone looking for
stone crabs because we just sold the
last of Monday's delivery... and
guess what? I get the run around for
stone crabs for tomorrow.
"It was blowing too hard"
"bank was closed and I couldn't get
money for fuel"
"I took the day off, will fish
~~~What the heck? It looks like the
next day we will have stone crab
claws is this coming Wednesday.
I wish i could do better folks, I really
do. I just can't find any for Tuesday
and I won't bring frozens in for just
one day.
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