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Friday 2-13-2009
Well guys, if you haven't got your
sweetie anything by now, you might
try a rush order for a gold stone crab
claw pendant. seriously. We have no
stake in sales of this item, but
really do make a gold stone crab
claw pendant   at Seawear Jewelry,
whoever the heck they are. Of
course, you could always take her
out to dinner for the real thing. We
have plenty of stone crabs today and
more claws expected tomorrow!
Thursday 2-12-2009
The days leading up to Valentine's
Day are making large and jumbo
claws hard to find. All we can do for
tonight is one and two pound dinners
on large and jumbos. We found
plenty of medium claws so they are
offered as all you can eat dinners.
This seems to be the case for Friday

There is some possibility Saturday's
stone crab delivery will have full
loads of large and jumbos, but that is
my own speculation based on the
beautiful weather we are enjoying
today, so let's get those boats out
there guys!.
Tuesday 2-10-2009
Do any of you watch the TV sitcom
The Office? You know Jim? That's
how I feel right now. All I could get
for today in stone crabs were
mediums. However, tomorrow,
Wednesday, I'll get large and jumbos
as well as mediums. Hmmmm...
Monday 2-9-2009
Yay! We got more medium and large
stone crab claws in today. Still a
shortage of jumbos until Wednesday,
but we are pretty well set for
mediums and large today and
Sunday 2-8-2009
It's 8:00 PM and were sold out of
jumbos, selling out of mediums and
are going down to the wire with the
large. I am waiting for a call back
from the stone crab man. When that
call comes, I will know what we have
for Monday.
Friday 2-6-2009
Wow! That was a fast week! Maybe
it's a factor of the cold. It has, as I'm
sure you know, been cold here... to
say the least. The stone crab supply
for tomorrow is going to be thin on
the large and jumbos, so come
earlier rather than later for large or
jumbo claws. We should be okay on
mediums for the weekend.
I am waiting to hear if any boats go
out Saturday, February 7th. Weather
should be warmer and seas should be
calmer so boats should go out. Or
not. They may not sortie until
Monday and that would mean
delivery Wednesday.
Stay toasty... I'll keep you posted.
Friday 1-30-2009
Big delivery today for Friday stone
crab claws. We also have a good
order lined up for tomorrow,
Saturday and Sunday looks good too,
though the Sunday order may be thin
on jumbos, so if you're in the mood
for jumbo stone crab claws you
should be thinking either tonight or
Saturday night.
Wednesday 1-28-2009
Today's stone crab delivery was a
full load, so we will have plenty of
jumbos, large and medium claws for
tonight. The warmer weather and
calmer seas means for an very
optimistic outlook for Thursday,
Friday and Saturday deliveries as
Sunday 1-25-2009
We sold out last night I know, but we
got all stocked back up again this
morning with plenty of mediums,
large and jumbos!
As far as our Sunday all you can eat
special on Alaskan snow crab legs
there is this... we sold a statistical
anomaly of Alaskan snow crab legs
over the last two days so we are
starting Sunday with less than the
500 lbs I like to have on hand for the
all you can eat snow crab special so
we will probably sell out of snow crab
legs before closing tonight. We will
be bringing in a big truck of crab legs
Monday, so if anyone misses out
today on the Alaskan snow crab we
will be offering it Monday, January
Friday 1-23-2009
Just got word, we should be okay
with our delivery for Saturday. A
slight possibility mediums will be
shorted. Why we can't know right
now? They are known to disappear
in route for some reason, like there's
a Bermuda Triangle for stone crabs.
The corners of this triangle I think
are Miami Beach, Fort Meyers and
Orlando. And we are right in the
Friday 1-23-2009
Even though we are well stocked for
tonight with today's delivery, I still
await word on tomorrow's delivery.
Tuesday 1-20-2009
Good news. We should be getting
enough large today to do all you can
eat. We're also getting a handful of
jumbos and those will be offered as
one and two pound
dinners.                       Wednesday's
delivery is looking good. We should
have mediums on Wednesday as well
as a good amount of large and
We brought in extra Taittinger
Domaine Carneros Brut to toast the
new President!
Monday 1-19-2009
Well, today's stone crab delivery is
pretty thin. We're doing single
portion dinners on mediums, large
and jumbos until they run out, and
they will sell out today at some point.
Delivery for Tuesday looks thin as
well, and will probably only be a
limited delivery of large claws.
I am still waiting on a forecast for
Wednesday, and will update as
information comes in.
Friday 10:40PM
Just got word from the stone crab
supplier. We will have enough
delivered Saturday to keep all you
can eat on mediums, large, and
jumbos. The bad news is... the price
is up a bit.
Friday night 1-16-2008
I just realized I failed to keep up
here. We've plenty of jumbos and  
large for tonight, but Saturday's
order is iffy. I'll know more in the
Tuesday 1-13-2009
Nope. Wrong. Very few jumbos, very
few large came in today. Barely
enough mediums, so for tonight we
have all you can eat mediums and
single portion dinners on large and
jumbos and we WILL sell out at
some point unknown. That means
come earlier rather than later.
Tomorrow we will get plenty of
mediums, large and jumbos. This has
been promised to me.
Monday 1-12-2009
Just got word we should have jumbos
Monday 1-12-2009
We got mediums and a handful of
large and a smaller handful of
jumbos in today. Haven't been able
to raise my supplier yet on his cell
phone, so here's our status: we have
all you can eat mediums and for
large and jumbos it will have to be
single portion dinners until they sell
out. Whatever develops for Tuesday
I'll let you all know.
Saturday 1-10-2009
Our stone crab delivery for today
just came in. We got all we asked for
in the mediums and the jumbos, but
the large were shorted by half. Still,
we should be okay for tonight. There
is a possibility some fortunate folks
who order all you can eat large
toward the end of tonight will have to
accept jumbos on refills to finish
their meals.
How this affects Sunday remains to
be seen. I am still waiting on finding
out what (if any) stone crabs can be
expected for Sunday. Will keep this
blog informed as soon as I have
Wednesday 1-7-2009
Today we got a full delivery on
medium, large and jumbo claws. The
next couple of days look okay too,
but I'm told a front is expected to
move through that will bring cooler
temperatures, rougher water and
fewer stone crabs. I'll keep you
updated as the situation develops.
Friday 1-2-2009
Well, we could find no stone crabs
for tonight. You may have noticed
how windy it has been the last couple
of days and we all know that means
the boats don't go out.

I DO have about 50 lbs of large left
from the delivery December 31st
and will be offering them as one and
two pound dinners tonight. A two
pound dinner of larger claws (about 8
claws) is $30.95 and a one pound
dinner is $20.95.

Boats are going out today, so that
means we will have plenty of
mediums, large and jumbos

There is one other dynamic at work
in the stone crab industry and it has
to do with the low prices. The fact is,
stone crab prices are at historic lows
right now. That may seem good, but
the industry is not subsidized by the
state and the low prices make stone
crabbing a losing effort for many
fishermen. In fact, many have sold
off their boats or gone out of
business outright.

This means I am predicting a large
spike in stone crab prices at some
point and there is nothing anyone
can do about it. Stone crabs are one
of the purest examples of the
economics of supply and demand and
without a robust fleet of fishermen
making a living pulling stone crabs
the supply side of that equation is
about to collapse.
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