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Friday 10-3-2008

Stone crab season is almost here!
The season opens Wednesday,
October 15th but we will not have
fresh Florida Stone Crab Claws in
until Thursday, October 16th.

Here's the ad that will begin running
in the Sun Sentinel's Wednesday
City Link and Friday's Show Time

Nobody knows just how this season
is going to be, given the economy
and the election but we are all hoping
everything will remain normal.

By the way... one thing that changes
when stone crab season commences,
and that is we end the option of
ordering on any day a special from
another day for just one dollar more.
July-Sept 2008
Monday October 13, 2008

The delivery will probably come
later in the day on Thursday, October 16th.
Probably around 7:00 PM

I wish I could do better than that, but the King of
Stone Crabs can promise no more than that.
You may have noticed the wind last
night. Yup, it has been blowing pretty
hard all the way through the Keys,
but I have Keys claws in today and
lined up for tomorrow and Saturday.
so we should be set up well all
through the weekend.
Sunday 10-19-2008
Had to bring more stones in today.
The lower prices are moving them
awfully fast. I'm not sure how long
the low prices will last, but take
advantage of the situation while you
can. And a reminder... we are unable
to do all you can eat specials from
other nights. It becomes a logistical
problem too difficult to manage this
time of year.
Friday 10-17-2008
We have plenty of stone crabs for
tonight. I have more lined up for
Saturday and Sunday too.
Thursday 10-16-2008 6:15PM
Just got word on the second delivery
expected, and it's not coming until
tomorrow morning. They routed him
direct to Orlando first. That sucks.
The restaurants in EPCOT got
priority and we will see that truck
Friday morning.

We still have one and two pound
dinners for tonight, but we can't do
all you can eat until Friday.

Wednesday 10-15-2008

We will have stone crabs Thursday,
the 16th earlier than predicted! They
should be in by 2:00PM because we
have contracted a second supplier
who can arrive earlier, however, it's
possible there may be a small gap
until the 7:00 PM delivery if the first
delivery sells out.

Also, a reminder... now that stone
crab season is here, we won't be
doing the all you can eat specials on
any nights other than the advertised
day for the all you can eat shrimp,
baby back ribs, snow crab legs.

Stone crabs will, of course, be all you
can eat every day, supply permitting.
Monday 12-1-2008
Wow, where does a year go?
Already, it's December. Anyway, a
cold front just passed through
bringing big waves... rough seas. A
lot of crabbers didn't go out, so the
delivery for Tuesday may not be the
same as what was ordered. Maybe
Wednesday too, but by Thursday we
should be hip deep in stone crabs
Friday 11-21-2008
First, a note about Thanksgiving
Day. We are closed on Thanksgiving
Day (this coming Thursday) and wish
everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.
Of more current news, we have
plenty of stone crabs for this
weekend and plenty in the pipeline
all the way up to Thanksgiving Day.
Friday 11-14-2008
Plenty of stone crabs tonight and
more on the way for Saturday. I
heard they had 250 lbs of octopus in
the traps this last batch. Octopus
love stone crabs too. We don't know
if the crab population has been
descimated yet, but for now prices
remain depressed as compared to
last season. Here are the all you can
eat prices for us this weekend:
Mediums: $37.95
Large: $49.95
Jumbo: $59.95
We also do single portion dinners
that are less money, but for those
that know stone crabs, these are
excellent prices.
Sunday, November 2, 2008
Today's delivery of stone crabs puts
us in a good stock position on all
sizes except mediums. Only 50 lbs of
mediums were delivered today, so
we will probably sell out again but
there should be ample large and
jumbo stone crabs.
Sunday 10-26-2008

I know, we sold out of stone crabs
right at the end last night, but we
have plenty more in today and also
lined up for Monday. The only
problem is the mediums are hard to
find. It was this way last year at the
beginning as well. It's as if the
fishermen have such a bountiful haul
they can throw back most of the
medium crabs and fill the boat with
large and jumbo crabs. But it will
even out, it always has.

We also have new stone crab t-shirts
in, modeled here by Sonja. Click on
the photo for a larger view. We have
small, medium, large and x-large for
$17.00, 2XXL for $18.00 and 3XXXL
for $19.00.
December 7, 2008
We are well stocked with stone crabs
today, and though there is a front
pushing through, the seas are calm
enough to send some boats out so
deliveries look good for the next
couple of days.
I know a lot of folks are feeling the
pain in the economy right now but
maybe we can all keep things in
perspective if we  take just a
moment and remember the events
sixty seven years ago today on
another Sunday.
Thursday 12-18-2008
Just a quick note. Stone crab prices
are down again. Call us @
954-566-5333 for today's new low
Friday 12-12-2008
Well stocked on stone crabs this
weekend. I have more coming
Saturday despite this cold front that
pushed through today.
Haydn said a person just called who
said it's not clear if we have a full
bar. So I went out and just snapped
this photo of a full bar here.

Happy Holidays and merry Christmas! We
will be closed Thursday, December 25th
for Christmas but will be open Friday at
11:30AM, We wish everyone a safe and
happy holiday.
We also understand for many... it's been
"One of those years..." and this photo of
Chunky-Bear seems to capture that
emotion completely.
Soon, Chunky (offspring of Shawn's female
cat mated with the tuxedo cat down the
street) will be enjoying indoor remote
control helicopters.
That should be fun...
Tuesday December 30, 2008
The year is almost over and let's all
hope for a prosperous and healthy
New Year for everyone. We just
received a full load of fresh medium,
large and jumbo stone crab claws so
if you were planning to finish the
year on a stone crab note we have
plenty. We'll be open regular hours
on New Year's Eve with regular
menu pricing and we will be open
regular hours on New year's Day!
Dec. 31, 2008
Tony is whipping up a big batch of
New Year's Day. Don't miss out!
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