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Sunday 6-15-2008
Happy Father's Day!
I just finished writing a check to Starr Ice for extra ice for today and Mrs. Starr
asked me why was I here working on Father's Day? Aside from the fact I work every
Sunday, it is Father's Day. But I explained to her... in any teamwork situation the
leader actually works for the team.
Then I told her it was like owning a cat... the cat think
it runs the show. The cat puts
you, the owner, in charge of food, shelter and entertainment so it can live a life of
luxury. I thought about that analogy for a second and then realized... sometimes
herding this staff is just like herding cats! We had a nice laugh and I figured I'd make
a note about it here and it
is busy today. So if you're reading this with the intent on
coming here for Father's Day dinner, call here (954-566-5333) and get Haydn to put
your name on the waiting list before you arrive. It'll save time. Gotta run...
Monday 5-26-2008
Hope everyone had a fine
Memorial Day weekend, and I hope we all took at least a
moment to think about our fellow citizens who are serving and who have served in
defense of our freedom here in the United States, especially those who have given
their lives. We struggle along in our own daily lives and often fail to think about how
much people just like us have given of themselves so that we
can struggle along
without fear from abroad. We are fortunate indeed to have neighbors willing to risk
their lives for people they know only as fellow Americans.
Wednesday May 14, 2008
Stone crab seasons ends tomorrow, May 15th. Crabs pulled on the 15th are cooked
off dockside, sorted and packed in ice on the 16th and delivered on the 17th... so it
looks like if there are any crab fishermen working the last day of season our last
delivery will be Saturday coming.
I'd like to thank all our loyal customers who enjoyed our fresh Florida stone crabs and
a tip of the hat to
Sylvia who kept a steady flow of cracked claws virtually swimming
out of the kitchen.
Wednesday May 7, 2008

May 8th. Two more weeks of stone crab season. We should stay pretty well stocked
on stone crab claws until the end. Our last delivery will probably be Friday May 16th
and those claws should last through the weekend.

I don't generally like to let these blog posts wander into personal territory, but one of
Cecile's regular guests (hello, Connecticut) just pointed out I haven't written anything
here since March. Well, it's true, I'm here to tell you. But I do have an excuse. It's
always good to have an excuse.

Back in January of 2006 there was this young stock broker auditor from
Massachusetts in town auditing brokers in Fort Lauderdale. Her name is Julie and
she came in for dinner here. She sat at the bar to eat (since she was alone) and there
was I sitting there knocking numbers from the previous day's business into this
laptop. So, we started talking, a conversation which led to Julie buying a condo in
West Palm later that year and ultimately... to make a long story short... resulting in a
wedding planned for Sunday May 18th. We will wed on a cruise ship in the Port of
Miami and then embark for the Virgin Islands. My sons, Christopher and Travis will
be my best men.

So that's what has been up with me. I haven't been married since I was 26 in 1982.
That's when my first marriage and first career came to a sudden and unplanned
convergence and end. Basically, those circumstances, the details of which are a little
too maudlin for here, are what led my association with this place where I could be a
single father and not have superiors telling me to surrender custody in favor of
promotion. I'm 51 now, so it would seem I've waited a good long while for  the right

With any luck, there should be some pretty cool photos when I get back in town.
However, right now we're getting ready to surprise Dallas for his birthday. Gotta run..
Girls all over town are crying...
The lunch menu
is now on this
~~est 1984~~